Nov 5, 2008

Bhupi Sherchan

On the dark road of life,
I feel success is
like a lamp lit by the dynamo of a bicycle.
So long as
my legs rise and fall,
pushing the pedals,
the lamp lits the path ahead of me.
But as soon as I tire,
and my feet slows to a halt,
in front of me jumps 
darkness barking.
The original poem is written in Nepali.

I rarely read poems and sit, though I sometime write here and there. But when I picked up the collection of Bhupi Sherchan's poems, I was completely taken in by his writings. I could hardly believe what I was reading. I never knew that his poems were so rich and so realistic.

It was not the rhymes nor the rhythm, but by the sear truth of it. I could not stop reading more. The more I read the more I became aware of Bhupi's world and the world it was during his time. Most satirical with himself and the world around him, he has written one of the finest poem's in Nepal's history. I would rather say it was his observation and his understanding of human nature, the society and the life, which is most amazing.

I really don't want to explain the poem, just read it and see how true he is in his observation about success. On my perspective, success is a never ending state, its not the peak where you reach and feel safe. Instead its an on going process and the moment you stop, so does the success.

I would like to know how you all felt about it.   


  1. "how true it is??" hehe :-) For me, it isn't that interesting yar... however, I won't comment if its true or not. Its the fear-darkness that urges you to move on....and basically as soon as you are born you are taught to do the same thing as Bhupi mentioned otherwise Those who deviate from this path are labelled germs or burden for civilization. These are the people civilization is afraid of. So, what's so interesting about it ? What interest me is the amount of sacrifice , the civilization as a whole snatch from the individual in return for success. Every step he is asked to suppress his human instinct. ( as we can see from iraq war matter how trained you are human instinct can rise anytime - Abu Ghraib prison...) few are able to suppress their instinct and create a channel to flow his hunger,anger , a subject...then you become successful. But i also think think that the most successful are also the most pervert. I know i sound very psycho-primitive kinda guy.

  2. You have certainly been very clear about it. Even my perception on it is not to say if one is th eright way then the other. But simply to point that look, this is what it is, so R u ready for it? I have certain confusion on the nature of success itself and can't justify it.

    If u remember, things being told in mythology about the 5 Pandavs, in Mahabharata, walkin gto Heaven and when each one falls apart but only Yudhistre reaches but to the sacrifice of his all brothers. He was successful but is it justified yaar. Donoo.. Lets keep exploring.

  3. Bhupi Sherchan is one of the renowned writer of Nepal. M glad to read what he has written, m a great fan of Nepali Literacy. Thanks for sharing, whatever is the meaning of the poem I still like it cause all people have different way of interpreting it. Cheers :)

  4. Ya I have read most of his poems and they are usually the portray of human beings and life around..


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