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Please Please Please : Stop Begging...

Now and then I come across some of the proposals written for the sake of development. Asking help and for financial support. Then I find the most cliches sentence :

"Nepal is one of the poorest country in the world"


I am sick and tried of reading pages and pages of justification on how poor Nepal is or we are. So helpless and so bound by the situation, we seek HELP. 

Let me tell you a real life situation:

As a child, I have seen beggars begging in the street of New Road. Then I use to think, that these beggars will certainly not beg forever. I thought they might some day come out of it when they have enough savings. But I still see the same beggars today, in the same street begging. What a sad story?

Why? And only WHY? Haven't they have had enough of money to be not begging. Then I might be criticized that, "Hey, Deep... They are begging they don't get enough so they have to beg again. They don't have saving ACCOUNT. Deep be realistic." 

EXACTLY. That is my point. Begging doesn't make you rich. It makes you lazy and dependable. A parasite. A social parasite. If you need development, you need to WORK not BEG.

STOP spreading you hands for money. WORK, if you can.


  1. Deep I must say that I have become very ardent reader of your blog albeit it contradicts with my understanding. Isn't it so beautiful that there are so many diversifications of human thinking? At this dynamic environment I feel so difficult to put forward any statements. The moment you assert to be yours bona fide statement, there is always somebody in opposite pole inventing and discovering new ideas backed by science making your claim obsolete. Sometime, I wonder, if we understand only numbers and scientific proof ?As if our opinions are merely reconciliation. I have come to a point where I feel without any concrete facts my opinions and speculation are futile. And why not? Why should I utter something which is just a fancy notion that might cause devastating effect to someone else's thinking? Like you said "... be realistic". What's the purpose of your blog? Why should you write about subjects devoid of credentials? Should I put your assertions in the same box with religions?( Can you find any differences ? ) If your assertions are true, how should I negate my existing believes which have supported me, hitherto ?
    I wish our current country leader and upcoming leaders think development as human development and grasp more knowledge about complexity of human nature and not just monetary development.

    ..... Then I might be criticized that, "Hey deep... They are begging because we have failed to acknowledge that it is us that makes them beg. One dreams of alleviating poverty but cannot fathom a reason for him to beg. We have ignored to bridge the gap between human behavior and nation development. There is every possibility that one of your engineer mates constructed a bridge across the koshi river which snatched the livelihood of that boatman. A social-outcast in despair venture out to capital city in search for job but in vain. Unable to bear the demise of his daughter he goes neurotic. Who knows that beggar is not begging for money but for something else... do you know? At least make a guess? DEEP be realistic."

    No doubt "Nepal is one of the poorest country in the world"

  2. Hi friend, YEs..... Why am I writing it all down, for the world to read it? Why not just keep quite? One of the Thing that I can't acknowledge is being helplessness. It bogs me more than anything when I am in a situation when I can't do anything and be helpless. It somehow hurts my ego and I can't handle that state. Its something in me of which I am bound to react. Crying out for help is not something I usually do...And any thought of mine or any views of any one is the manifestation of the ones understanding. But it is not always so. Many often people seems to have stopped thinking at all. What I say is something that I thought of and not read somewhere, making it uncredential. Also, the contradiction in thoughts are always a corner stone of something new. Many often people argue cause their mind is unable to admit that there are many possible deduction to a single observation. Or many perspectives. The way I look at it is the way I been living it. So for yours.

    People beg for many reasons and out of many reasons..helplessness is the one. I don't like people begging doesn't mean I hate them or I am insensitive. It means I am against the fact that people have to do it and i can't help but shout at these weakness. always look for the alternative..

  3. Can I jump into this conversation? :)

    Each to his own opinion.

    I believe begging for a need and begging for a want are two different things.

    Begging for a want happens when there's something you desire (in-state scholarship) but you're probably too lazy (to keep high enough GPA of 2.5) and usually have to end up begging (professor to increase grade because you are from the poorest nation in the world).

    Begging for need would be if you have no home, no family, no legs. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing you can do or be useful for.

    Just my 2 cents :)

    You write about great topics. keep it up.

  4. Off course. And I really want to say, its not the begging I I hate but its the attitude with which people beg. Bringing their whole moral down and begging to be feed when they can do more by working hard. Its this category of beggars I hate.

    Thanx again for the encouragement.

  5. take a look at this: Beggars by choice and raking it in.
    this beggar can not only afford to stay in a lodge, but also squander money on liquor! these 'rich' beggars are used to having it easy. they think it's work to sit there all day scamming people of their hard-earned money. it's business more than charity, taking advantage of the good faith of the temple-goers.

    and one thing i hate is when they make their children beg. why not show them a different path in life? children shouldn't be used in this way, as the children are missing out on the education that could give them a different life. so they inevitably become beggars for life, taking the easy way out.

  6. Yes, the link you shared was really the thing that I was tring to tell. That one person is what I think this one country has become. No to Aid but Yes to Trade.


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