Democratic Voting a Failed System?

The Democratic Voting is a statistical fallacy. Why? Let me come to my point, why is the concept that majority wins followed everywhere. Where in the statistic does it tell that the majority is always the correct. According to mathematics, majority only shows the likeliness of the people to choose that particular person. But nowhere does it say that it is the correct one.

Therefore, should majority be followed even if it is known that the choice is WRONG. What is the justification for it? Or has anyone even tried to justify it? Is this the natural law that must be followed blindly?

History have shown us how a single person have fought against the majority. Starting from all the scientists to leaders. Should the truth always remain fighting against the majority. Is that how it is, and should be? Can't we adapt our senses to bring the right choice rather than a major choices?

May be its the survival of the fittest, where the more stronger in number always wins. Right choice are always smudged by the majority. Every year we see the election process go on and on , and the mistakes seem to repeat itself. Very rarely does it happen that the right choices are made and even that happen as an alternative choice or a choice due to helplessness.

Most people can't differentiate between right and wrong. Haven't we learnt enough from the reality TV shows where the winner is not always the best. Isn't that the most visible truth of why majority or democratic voting fails.

Further democratic voting is never so democratic. Democratic means decision made from unbiased analysis. Do you think that happens? Often people make decision based upon others choice and not their own. They feel insecure doing free thinking.

Thus I say Democratic Voting is a failed system. We need something else to determine not the popular choice but the right choice.


  1. Deep,
    The points you have made are true, but I don't think there is any other better way.

    By now we know that Monarchy, Feudocracy, Elitism, Communism etc all forms of governance where few people decided for the whole nation has failed. The big question is if one or a small group decides, who or which group should be that?

    Taking all these things in consideration, I dont think Democratic Voting system is failed. After all, all the major developed nations follow this form of election. And it has worked for long.

    -- Bhupendra

  2. Yes, I do agree with you on that point that most of the other options seems to have failed in it self.

    But, still my concern is can we come up with a new system of thinking as the internet has been so influencial in the recent 2008 US election.. I was just wondering if we are stumbling upon a new area of Voting or election.