Nov 30, 2009

Wikipedia and Crowd Sourcing

Wikipedia stands out in a mass with integrity and undisputable value addition to the community. It marks the beginning of cultural revolution in internet history and a source of inspiration for today’s online social community. But what is happening with Wikipedia? Why is it that every year, the Wikipedia community have to beg for its existence to be justified? Every time you visit Wikipedia you find a donation bar staring for your support.

Oct 12, 2009

Design in Business

Here is the excerpt from the blog post which I wrote in Global Thoughtz. The main idea behind the post is to relate the thinking process behind any entrepreneurial urges and business process.

Its a tough time to chose a career with economic turmoil around you. Not entirely due to this, many have walked on the path of entrepreneurship, which nonetheless is always being hyped by media. All the effort that media and society are making to encourage “Leadership and Entrepreneurship” has only made more to join B-Schools. Can’t say if the sole reason for promoting “Leadership” was to encourage confused student to enroll into newly opened B-Schools.
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Sep 16, 2009

Theory of Everything

Being from the scientific background, things like this really brings a sense of wonder. The whole purpose of life unsettles itself and gives you a kick on your back. I have loved mathematics and physics since the time I remember pursing science. This is not only a remarkable theory, of which I still haven't grasped much but the things he says at the end is really touching and emotional.

"I got my PhD and looked at my options. I love differential geometry, general relativity, and particle physics. But the only options available then for a postdoc in those combined areas were in string theory, and I thought string theory was overly speculative. There are many really impressive aspects of strings — anomaly cancelation in particular — but there are other things that just seem wild and physically unsubstantiated. I had gotten lucky by investing my graduate stipend in a little company many thought was going out of business (AAPL), so I decided to go to Maui, learn to windsurf, and work on physics on my own."

Source : wiki

Though I have not gone through the whole of theory, it will take lot time to understand but here is a link which you can follow to understand and if u do let me know ;).

Sep 12, 2009

Aspect of Form and Design

Design is an adaptation of features into form - be it anywhere. There two types of form which comes to my mind- one is with features and the other is without features. Now, you may say what is the difference between these two things? But it is the very difference which takes my thoughts from being practical to highly philosophical.

If you look around yourselves, you will find that everything has a form. Starting from your own hands - five fingers in each hands with specific reasons. The shape of chair you sit on, the brush you use to brush your teeth, the mobile you use to communicate and so on. All these human made forms are designed with every aspect of solving a problem.

On the other hand, there are certain forms which are featureless and don't solve any problems. Music and Art are one of these areas which I am referring too. Music is a form of your emotions and its an expression of your thoughts, similar goes to your art. But what is the whole purpose of these form?

Cymatic is a particular field of study that is trying to bring the visual form to sound. But what purpose would that form provide, beside the visual pleasure. Like energy, form can be converted from one to other. If you look into these images than you will find that these images find itself into a fractal community - the subject of randomess and chaos. I told you earlier that this is a featureless form or you can say in other words a pure form.

Nature in itself is a manifestation of energy into form, but for what purpose. But every natural form are efficient and beautiful at the same time. What triggers you when you look into these forms below.

Orderness, isn't it? Finding an impeccable order into chaos really triggers our inner self and makes us feel something strange. Millions of people confined in a limited space have resulted in a complex and yet organised society is an order in chaos. Our own economic system which is highly complicated in itself is an order in chaos. Similarly, our universe is an order in chaos.

Chaos is something we cannot comprehend, therefore even if its a randomly scattered stars in night, we have delicately grouped each one and have defined them. Its not only to define form but also create forms that we live to.

The theory of form and design is not limited to shapes and sizes but also to the ideology. Each one of us have their own view and thus there is a conflict between different ideology - this is chaos. That is why there is war which tries to bring this whole chaotic ideology into one form - one freedom, one democracy.

Every conversion between form requires a huge struggle - war is one of them. In case of practical problem solving its the struggling in the mind which tries to make sense of the chaos and bring out the solution. Problem solving in itself in an art of finding order in chaos - be it any problem.

Though the featureless forms introduces many philosophical problems, their importance cannot be undermined. But every form or design must be solving certain delicate problems be it building a house or painting your thoughts. Art may be the form or solution to the chaotic mind of ours.

Aug 31, 2009

Aug 7, 2009

Young Entrepreneurs in Nepal

Among the midst of the political turmoil and its entertaining melodrama, its difficult for any serious young innovators to work their vision out. With the deadlock in the western economic situation and there overwhelming influence in the developing nation, ultimately it comes to us - the young minds to stand against them.

I have seen the rising entrepreneurs in Nepal, especially Kathmandu in this span of 1 year. Last time, I remember me and few friends trying to share in a platform that was not entirely focused on young innovation. Well these kinds of things usually lead to expected over look on the ideas. But now the situation is quite reverse. Today there are not only handful of young innovators but network of them, with serious attitude to change the attitude towards better future.
Today is the start of such beginning - BarCampKTM. The concept of BarCamp is to come together from different walk of interest and share your passion among others. Do not be mistaken for the field to be narrow or any particular, its an open invitations for ideas which will get a place to foster to a tactical actions.

Though I am far from KTM, I still would be making an effort to follow it through Twitter, @barcampktm. (unless it crash like it has been lately) I hope every Nepali young minds make some effort to bring this change where things are govern by the sole passion of young entrepreneurs and innovators.

Jul 25, 2009

Jul 4, 2009

Absense Note

Haven't been updating my blog for at least a month. I have been busy with many things lately. Our company, InRev has also made its journey to the third quarter and everyone is excited, with the fear within which our team has learnt to dominate already. The word "start up" has been a cliches for me. Everywhere I go, I keep seeing a banner saying : "Entrepreneurs or Start UP." And I find myself grouped among them. Trying to make your stand in a crowd is never so easy.

Not to mention my presence in the twitter, where I have made many friends and learnt a lot. Thanks to all of you for sharing, listening and off-course RTing :). Writing a blog in itself has become not only a passion for me, but also a way to outlet my vision to bring a better future. There are many friends along with my, moving forward with such determination to make a difference, which I salute and deeply admire. I wish, I had time to write to my blog often. But in my absence I have almost written many blog in other sites of which I have made no track of. Few to start with my own company's blogging portal, Global Thoughtz, Buzzom Blog and F-Cube Blog.

Now you make ask why so many blogging portal. I think its necessary for each company to have their blog for each of their product, cause each product has so many things to talk about. This will also create a path for people to find their queries answered immediately. A habit of reading that I had gained long time back has been a very fruitful thing for me, it has not only allowed me to write better but also think and understand better. Nope I am not trying to boast but I think its important that being a blogger you need to read a lot to understand what other's are talking about. Some time, I land up reading about things of which I have no idea. But the habit has made it easier for me to grasp the themes and get the moral of it.

Phew... it seems I haven't really been writing on my own blog, cause I am not finding any reason to stop now. But I will. This was just a blog to mark my re-entry. I have lot to tell my readers about things I have been learning lately. I hope I will keep the promise. The title should have been "I am BACK", :) but I guess "Absence Note" is OK.

May 25, 2009

Capturing the Voice: Social Media

What if you could capture your every voice and your every status of mind? For example, everyday, we talk and think of different ideas. Wouldn't it be interesting to- you know - go through them at some time in your life, like a movie or something. Many concepts regarding recording your life has been portraited in the Hollywood screens. 

We are continuously expressing ourselves, and all that is being permeated in this universe. Some how if we could capture each individuals voice it would be very interesting. Today, it just occurred to me that, may be we have such things in our service.

I was going through my old Twitter Post and Facebook Post, somehow I could feel my presence on it. Every thing being written on the blog or posted in Twitter and Facebook, is my voice, isn't it? All the comments on my friends' photo are the conversation between my friends which has been captured. All our characteristics have been imprinted on it. As if, we are living on it. 

I know these are the obvious thoughts that come and go on each individuals mind. I just thought of sharing it. Yes, I am capturing my Voice.

What is Design?

Very interesting Video on Design. 

May 16, 2009

Wolfram is NOT Google

There I was going through a magazine. As I was flipping the pages, a complex looking image caught my eye. Underneath it was written: 

The much anticipated computing engine Wolfram Alpha will be officially launched on 18 May. 

Suddenly, it struck to me, ya its this new search engine they are talking about in the Internet. Hmm. Getting all excited I started googling it. Soon I was buried into reading blogs and reviews from the people. After an hour, I found out that its barely anything like Google, its not even a search engine. 

So what is it? They were calling it a computational knowledge. Wait a minute, how do you compute a knowledge. Knowledge is the facts and figures, and logical understanding of this universe and society that we have earned. How can it be calculated?  There were few facts I found interesting:

1. Wolfram does not have database of web pages like Google does.
2. Wolfram neither has the resources of knowledge like Wikipedia has.

So, on what basic does it calculate the knowledge. The answer was, the backbone of WolframAlpha - Mathematica and NKS (New Kind of Science). Well I have not used Mathematica but have been knowing about its existence since my engineering days. I was more familiar with the MATLAB instead. After seeing through couple of demos and more article. I somehow seemed to have grasped the idea of Computational Knowledge.

You see Mathematica is a huge resource of mathematical functions and thousands of models of our natural science. It has a tremendous implication in all fields of engineering and financial problem solving. So it seemed very natural that such resources could be used to calculate the factual knowledge. 

There was one example given in the article:

When you ask the distance between the moon and the earth, traditionally the answer would be searched from the vast resources of text people have put into the web. But here, it does nothing of such thing, instead it seems to have a mathematical equation which calculates the distance between the moon and earth and gives it to you. That sounds super cool. So all kinds of factual knowledge can be calculated. That is what I seem to have grasped of the new WolframAlpha.  

So instead of showing you the way to the answer, it gives you one. But only certain kinds of question is allowed. As I was making my understanding clear on this new buzz. I started getting goosebumps... Wait.. and it was not a fear but more of an excitement. I think I can tell what is it or share. 

Suddenly I realised that computation knowledge is something that InRev is also working on. Since the start of our company, we have been working in a way of bringing factual information to the people rather than a huge bulk of data. We want to answer people's question and let them make efficient decision. To clarify, the whole propose of F-Cube (our economic reporting portal) is to forecast the economic scenario to people in free. The only way to forecast is to compute what we know with the mathematical model of economy. That is computational knowledge, I grinned to myself. We also are working on creating a library of models to fit into the system. 

The philosophy seemed quite similar, add value to the data by providing relevant information. This is why I got to excited. Hope I was able to explain what computation knowledge is. Please provide your comments. I have to be sure of it :). 

Apr 20, 2009

Fearful Consumer Market

Consumer market is something, I always feared. During my engineering days, I knew it was one area where I would not find myself working. I always feared the harsh competition of the market. I worried if ever, anything I made would sustain in the market. Or how people would react to it? You can say, I feared criticism and all the yap yap of group of people, who knows only how to suggest but not to act. Thus, I kept my interest into custom projects and not related to anything that a single consumer would use, rather it was something of community service. But with changing time, I knew I had to make a plunge into the ocean of consumer market and face the competition. "Be a man! Dude" That is what I would say to myself. I knew I couldn't swim, but I had to give it a try. 

Journey into the consumer market is like that of 20000 Leagues Under The Sea. There are so many different kinds of creatures around to look and be fascinated. Some are small living in tiny groups. Some are sharp predators chasing and making a hunt, they would kill you if they want, it depends on how much threat you pose to them - or how hungry they are. There are herbs and many different kinds of plants that grow organically and animals feed on them. These are harmless and friendly. And there are giants like whale which no one can touch or poke around, they have been living there for ages and will remain their more. These giants neither rule nor control anything, they are just their, making their presence- completing an ecosystem. Then there are some freaky looking creatures -like squid (which can be as large as ships)- which makes you puke, but yes they are there too. You can't ignore them. They stare right into your eyes as if they can read your mind. These creatures act like parasite and feed on dead, sometime they eat their own kind too. 

Then there are mythological creatures which exist if you want them too. Everyone fears them but we know they only exist in our mind. Well, the last kind is the most fearless of all, its sharks, its strong, powerful, agile and quick on instinct. They virtually rule the sea. There are more of it but they rarely interfere with each other, but when they do, its a fight the whole world watches in amazement. But, its not always this way, there are among these predators and giants, an intelligent being, an innovative and highly creative creatures which are changing the way of life at sea. These are the being which marks a change and the change that is truly for good. 

So far, I have only reached till here. My journey is beginning to take shape and form a story. Slowly I can see a transformation in me, and the transformation is subtle. I wonder which creature I would transform into. Its a long journey but a beautiful one. There is a difference in growing in a depth of ocean and growing inside a protective glass. 

I can only sing a song by Beatles:

I'd like to be under the sea 
In an octopus' garden in the shade 
He'd let us in, knows where we've been 
In his octopus' garden in the shade 

I'd ask my friends to come and see 
An octopus' garden with me 
I'd like to be under the sea 
In an octopus' garden in the shade. 

Apr 13, 2009

Essence of Design

Design is very important in any product development. There are many aspects of design, considering the field that you are involved in. The design could include the structure of beam in a building or it could include the architecture of your application. But there is one design which is visible to the user - the interface design of the product. This aspect of design could make or break the product in the market place. It doesn't matter which segment of your market you are targetting, the interface design has to be efficient.

Mainly, I consider these three factors :
1.  Functionality - What it can do?
2.  Purpose - How important is the product?
3.  Experience - How do you feel when you use it?

Its always few basic human needs that drive designer to make a product which suits user purpose. among them these days, user experience is in the top priority.  I stumbled upon the slide below which throws some interesting light into the matter. 
View more presentations from J. Arun.

Do not forget to share your views. Its important to understand what works and what doesn't and this is a long process.

Apr 2, 2009

Analytics Industry

Following is the analysis made Analytics Industry world wide.

The chart above shows that the 90% of the analytics company is from USA and 6 % from U.K. Whereas India covers only 1 % of the total analytic industry.

This shows that Singapore, India and Australia are very low with respect to the western counterpart. China is not even in the category. Overall, US has the majority of the share.

Analytics in itself is not an industry, it can associate itself with any data intensive industry. Lets look at the industries where analytics is applied.

The above table clearly shows that the major players of analytics are related to the Business Services. Then there are Software & Internet, Health care, Consumer Services, Retail and Financial Services. 

Most of the fields like Telecommunication still seems to be unexplored properly. But I assume that with the increase in the telecommunication sector, in near future we might see increasing use of analytics in the those fields too.

Now lets move on to the range of the employees in these analytics industry. The table and the graph shows that the average of employee is around 1 - 100 range. But in some it could increase beyond 100K. This is a great contrast. 
Now lets look at the revenue range of these company. The majority of them have a revenue of around $0-10Millions. The distribution of the employee range and the revenue range seems to be correlated with each other. It might also suggest that for a company to increase their revenue it needs to increase its infrastructure and grow big. 

All these details on the analytics company shows that the industry is growing and that its penetration is still low in the eastern region of the world. Industry wise, there are many sector which still have not employed analytics as the part of their solution. 

Being an analyst and related to analytics field, I would consider the importance of the field is increasing with the rise of information age, where there are millions and millions of data uncovered and unexplored. With so many data floating all around us:

Data for Analyst is  as Gold is to Miners.

I hope above presentation was useful.

Note: The Above analysis is based on the data downloaded from
   The total record was 725.

Mar 30, 2009

Good Ad Versus Bad Ad

At InRev, for past few days we have been working on our new project. The project is about collaborative blogging, from the blogger around the world. As Bhupendra and I have been blogging for long time, with his immense experience, our team has been working to revamp the globalthoughtz and create a new blogging experience. In this site, we are planning to add a section where people can add their advertisement. We thought lets start by our own :), with already so many products on the line, it was obvious.

So there goes an effort to create a small 128 px by 128 px logo. If you are a designer, you know that designing is a very time consuming process. For hours, you just test around with colors. Remember there are 256 X 256 X 256 combination of colors!! Its hard job selecting one.

Lets start with F-Cube: In short F-cube is a Free Economic Reporting Site. Let me exhibit some Ad made for it and its pros and cons. (Please don't click on the image. Wait till the end. Thank You)

OK, how does this one look? At a glance, it might sound interesting, but with time you will find that its irritating. Really! There are too many things written, and all in different colour. There is two unnecessary image at the right hand side making the Ad look clutter. The company's name is too large and obnoxious. You see, you are selling service not company.

FOCUS on product, dude. I don't care how long it took, its too inefficient. Try again. And most of the advertisement really looks like this. I must confess, before I made this I had done lot of exploring. This is what happens when you start searching for inspiration at the wrong place.

So what did I do. [ Shift + Delete ] Start all over again, fresh and remember, simple. And this is how it went.

Looks fine. Its simple but too simple. It doesn't contain any tone what so ever. The problem with this is the blank white space at the right top and bottom left corner. Any space not contributing to your Ad should be deleted. But you can't delete space. So.. So you add something. Simple. :)

Now this is wrong. It didn't solve your problem. It created more. Instead of filling the empty space, it created a total distraction and confusion. It created more useless space on the left top and the right bottom.

Finally, this is fine. The reason is very logical and simple. First, the red and the blue color filled the space that was making it look odd. The complementary color always works fine, especially when its your company color. The text is simple. FREE ECONOMIC REPORT. That's the service you are after. When you sell a chocolate, you don't go around telling him the story of how the factory was started. Unless the product has no value.

But as usual, we humans have a tendency to be overwhelmed with design and become wild. Just look at what I did, after completing the above design.

Dumm Dumm Dumm. You got a be dumm. This is a mash up and totally unnecessary. Know when to stop your creativity, this makes all the difference. :)

Let me share two more design that we did for our TwitIn Application.

I purposely did this to show, how messed up you can get when you don't understand the color combination. Its not bad to make stupid design but its wrong to believe that you have created a master piece.

Phew! Finally I am at the end of my post. The picture at the left is the one we chose for our TwitIn Application. The colors are simple and soothing. You know you can't be perfect but you can at least try.

Design requires not only creativity but also wisdom to understand what these designs actually mean. Few things you need to remember while designing:

1. Don't shout! Unless you are an activist.
2. Don't say too much. Unless you are a liar.
3. Keep it simple but not lame.
4. Be creative but not boastful.

Hope I covered most things that I wanted to share. One last thing, does long post really bore you? Just a question I have on my mind. Its a long process of understanding what works and what doesn't. You can see that all the above design might be beautiful but not the one that is necessary. The only way to find it is to keep exploring the horizon.
By the way, now you can click them as you wish. :)

Mar 27, 2009

NOT Customer Loyalty

Its odd to have such an odd title. By that, I am trying to address one issue that we face regarding the customer's loyalty and their expectation from us. We have always argued about the need for providing better services to the loyal customer and bringing new businesses. Here, I will try to put a scenario where you need to chose between the loyalty and profit. Ok, lets go.

Imagine. Just imagine, you own a small restaurant. You have nominal profit and everything is going fine. You have regular customers who visit you regularly. Life's going fine and you have no complains. Then one day.

The day is pleasant, weather is just right and its a fresh start for your business. Some groups of tourist visit your restaurant and orders some food. You are delighted by the mass and by the luck. Suddenly you realise that food stock is small. It is going to be difficult for you to cater all of them. You order your cook to make more. The new visitors orders more. The consumption increases and your rate of work is low. But you are managing. Suddenly, your loyal customer - the one who regularly visits - comes to your restaurant. Now.

Now, what would be your action. Would you divert your resources to cater your loyal customer or your newly found tourists, from where you are obviously going to gain more. Upsetting your loyal customer would hamper your balanced business and letting the opportunity go by would surely hurt you. 

From my personal experience, people tend to play safe by rejecting the opportunity. Is that justified? Or shall I say, you must have gone for new short term opportunities, to give that boost you need in your business? Hmm. It might be a question of morality and loyalty. But just give a thought.

Mar 26, 2009

What is Social Media?

The slide above is really a great way to understand what is social media and how you can benefit from it.

Mar 24, 2009

Location of People in Twitter (iPhone)

Recently, I was working on the data of the twitter. I did one interesting and quite simple thing. I took the list of the location people were using in there profile and fed it to one of the available online tool called ( Guess what I got? I found that majority of people on twitter seem to be using iPhone. May be it was obvious, but to see it through data was quite a taste. The size of the population used is 31691.

Mar 19, 2009

Why Twitter is famous?

For past few days, I have been wondering why twitter is so famous. Is it the micro-blogging? Is it the list of unknown friends that excite us? Is it the fun of shouting and listening to the world? Or is it like playing god, by having so many followers? I mean what is it that is so exciting and keeps you all day tweeting?

Only few days back, I wrote on the distribution of Tweets with respect to Followers. Right now, I am working on population distribution and its very interesting to see what is happening. Here are few of my thoughts on people at twitter.

There are many small groups of people, who enjoy tweeting to each other and updating their status to inform others. These are people with close relationship and their tweet rate is very high.  

Other category is the news channel, this works in the similar ways like media on the real world. They keep updating people with news and twitter seems to be doing good in increasing the traffic to their site. People say that twitter is bigger than news, but in reality it seems news channel's site and twitter has an interdependent relationship, especially from the news channel perspective. Also, these tweets have the largest followers.

Next is celebrities, they never seem to lose their appetite on being famous. Twitter is flooded with them and they have lots and lots of followers. But their tweet rate isn't so high.

Then there are people related to social media and online marketing. These are the people who have been using twitter to explore their business possibilities and are hugely benefiting from it. I find it very interesting way and also may be a new way, of marketing and PR. There tweets are reasonable and have an equal following and followers. 

Also, there are hundreds and thousands of individuals (web designers, artiest, writers, entrepreneur, photographers etc) exploring their way into the web. Listening, discussing and being inspired by people. Stories are being told, boundaries are being crossed and skills are being taught. Its the new way of knowledge transfer. I can directly be suggested by an expert living miles and miles away, which could have been impossible, otherwise.

So these are the people, I daily tweet to. Ohh, I forgot one thing, there are also robots among us. Don't be frightened. This are small automated webots which exist there, listening to us and generating automated status. They are similar to physical robots. They are on there own, something like Wall.E., they do their jobs assigned by their creator.

So finally, why is it so famous? Have you all ever played the classic MARIO game. Its this small plumber running to save his princess. On the way, the only thing he does is collect as many coins as possible. Trink. Trink. Trink. There are many levels to be crossed and so on.  I find twitter similar, its a huge social game. The aim is to rise high and have good social status, like in real life. 

Let me put it in points:

1. Have as many followers as possible. (Its not so easy.)
2. Get your tweets Retweeted, as many times as possible.
3. Be the most social tweeple(poeple in twitter), and earn many goody points at twitter grader.
4. Generate as many traffics to your site as possible.
5. Create a campaign, a mission that will bring people together.
6. And much more.

And many more. There are so many sites already dedicated to creating scores of your twitter. Its quite an interesting game, if you know how to play.  And by the way, the only weapons that you have is your words and only words. Its your character that people judge. 
But, not all are playing the games. But who ever are playing are having their times at this time of economic crisis. Its just great. I must say, twitter has created lots of innovations.

Here are few sites that generate your scores, that I know of:

If you want to play the game, start know. Create an account and start tweeting. Here you are not selling or buying virtual goodies, but real merchandies with real business value. 
Follow me here.

Hope to have comments and thoughts.

Mar 18, 2009

Free Economic Reports

                  "Information is King."

Have you heard of the above statement? Hmm.... Actually, its pretty obvious. If you have the information then you can make accurate and unbiased judgement, on the subject matter.

Beside all kinds of data, economic data is very important from the perspective of its market value, as well as human value. Every decisions and policies made by the government depend upon the current economic scenario, which off course can only be known by the data collected by the survey

Lets see a simple case:
You wake up early in the morning. Get yourself a hot cup of tea. Open the door. Get the newspaper. Read the front page and you see:

" The price of Oil has rose up 10%!!! "

" The farmers in so and so country are facing the draught. The food commodities price has increased."

" 100 employees sacked from XYZ Company."

How do you react? If you are analyst, you may shout to your wife, "I told you, this was going to happen. How right I was." 

Most of us are not analyst, neither a market follower. Therefore, the majority of people simple wonder and ask, "WHY, did it happen now. All of the sudden?" They really cannot comprehend and start to accept with the facts of life and move on. But, what if we had a place where we could get these answers. May be an Oracle of some kind with all the information. And you could just ask questions to it. Something like in Matrix Movie

Do you know what kind of system, you need for that? Let me see:

1. A system that has access to all the economic data.
2. A system that can integrate all the market data.
3. A system that can take these data to a form that people can understand.
4. A system that can project these data into graph that people can understand.
5. A system which will allow you to chose the area of interest. 
6. A system that will allow you to share the things that you have found out.
7. A system that ........

Pessimist : " Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Isn't that too long list of systems to be integrate? "

Optimist : " Hmm, but I think we can. The new age is of innovation is in integration of technology and I think social media proves it. "

Pessimist : " But its too much to handle. And ...  "

InRev : " Actually, we are building a system of such kind, we call it F-Cube. You know - Forecast For Free. You can login here. " 

So next time when there is an economic hurricane heading your way, you remain prepared.

More links:

Mar 17, 2009


Its been more than months since the launch of the TwitIn, and we are already getting excessive hits per day. That's awesome for a start. The tool has been getting a huge response from the twitter users and other web experts. It is a great feeling and we are hoping to bring a better service and innovation through it. 

There were many obstacle to be faced, but each difficulties made the application more better and stable. But, like all the tools and software and hell lot of technology out there, there is one thing that you have to understand, that is learning to use it efficiently and productively. If you don't then its useless. So let me explain what buzzom is?  

BUZZOM is a word which identifies itself with the buzz on the social media. It is a place where the online social media meet and where a sense is made out of social activities.  Lets go on then:

InRev TwitIn Intro : 

This is the main panel of InRev TwitIn. Here you, can see the three most important command that will increase your social network from hundred to thousands.

Flush : This removes 50 followers which are not following you.
Grow : This will add 25 people to your following list.
Reciprocate : This will allow you to follow back 50 people who have followed you.

Remember that when you are "following", the tool does not randomly select people, but instead looks at the people who has the most tendency to follow you and his/her proximity with your network. The only reason you want to follow is because you expect him/her to follow you back, isn't it?  

Ok, don't get too excited and run to grow. :)  Growth is a steady process and if you try shortcuts you are gone. TwitIn will ease your painstaking work of following each individual and removing them from your list. Have patience. There are certain rules and restriction in twitter which you must understand before you use this tools. This restricts automated program from following too many people at once.  And we have followed these rules too, as it controls the flow in media and not overcrowd it.

What is InRev Score?
These are few indicators that the analytics team in InRev has come up with, which scores your behaviour in twitter. Let me explain few.

The  Influence score shows how often people are following you, though you may not be following them. Some twitter user like BBC or CNN has a very high influence ratio, you can understand why, because they are really very trusted media which people follow.

The Tweet Efficiency shows the efficiency of your tweets. For example, if you are talking to stones or statues or non-living things, which do not respond, then surely your words are wasted. Similar thing can happen in social media, people might be tweeting a lot but no one may be listening or responding, these help to identify fraud cases and so on.  

Scoring Methodology

InRev Twitin Score is a Absolute Score built by using Behavior Model Technology. It is not built on relative performance of different Twitter Accounts. It uses business rules for measuring the relevance of the individual parameters subject to few assumptions.

Major highlights of the score:

1.   Score is the combination of Influence Ratio, ReTweet Ratio and Tweet Efficiency.
2.   Less Tweets is treated as a newbie account.
3. Very high Tweets is taken as fraud action. (other parameters are also taken under        consideration.)
4. No Tweet is taken as inactive account.

So that's the end of it. InRev team is innovating with new ways to improve the social media experience.  The only way it can be done is by communicating with the users and identifying their needs. So give us your feedback and comments, this will help us improve the tool and make it better.

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Mar 13, 2009

Twitter Analysis I (Twitin)

Well, this is going to be an interesting post. For some time, InRev team has been very popular in social media through The concept of buzzom (Twitin) is to increase the user experience in social media and understand the market and behaviour of people. We have started with twitter, as it is the most popular social media.

With increasing number of users and the extending network, it is very difficult to understand how the network is growing and on what basis. To understand the user and the network of twitter, we have started analysing the available data, which has been retrieved by using twitter API.

Total record number retrieved = 2598
Some of the records were invalid and had to be rejected using simple filtering method.

Now let me explain the above graph.
X-axis = Number of followers
Y-axis = Number of tweets (Please click the graph to see a large image.)

The dense spot at the graph shows the place where a normal twitter user are located. These may be marketers, web designer, household business people, friend circle or may be someone who has just started using twitter.

So you can normally see that the people with more followers tend to tweet less than the people with less number of followers. This is made more clear if you see the extremes of the axis.

People like @BBCCLick and @coldplay tend to tweet less though they have a very large followers. The other extremes are @huffpost and @foxnews who tend to tweet at the range of per hour and per minute basis. Why these contradiction?

People with large number of tweets and less number of followers usually means there is a group of small community who tend to use twitter as a means to talk to each other, thus they chat more often than others. But, in case of Fox news, its not a small community but rather seems to have followed the board cast system to send news. I can't say with certainty but, the number of followers are not so huge as that of BBC, may be due to the irritation by their flooding tweets.

On the other hand, people with many followers are mainly superstars and celebrities like @coldplay and @DaveJMathews, they tend to tweet less but have many listeners. Also, news channels like @cnnbrk and @BBCClick seems to have understood that flooding with too many tweets is not going to work.

This analysis forces me to think if there could be any twitter user which could lie on the right hand side of the graph, with highest tweet. Hmm, won't that be too irritating to all the followers. I would assume that given a time period, most people would always be under the hyperbolic curve, which seems very likely. Even if someone tries to be that position, he/she will surely be pulled back. It is natural tendency. Time series analysis might prove that. (Lets wait :))

Let me share a detail table, you can make out on your own:

So, how to conclude? Well, twitter is a very open society where people share their views, some come to listen, some come to talk, some to argue and some to just pass time. Its a virtual space where people exist . Many institutes have utilized this platform, by advertising or sending awareness program. Basically, its us - the people of this world.

May be a more in depth analysis is required, so that each individual can grow and benefit from this vast media which remains there. Its a huge market and I am eagerly waiting for a big possibilities.

My analyses are based on the small amount of data which could be bias. But, InRev is working hard enough to bring unbiased analyses and result. There will be more post on the way, from which everyone would benefit.

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Mar 6, 2009

What makes a great company?

I have been going through a article at FORTUNE magazine, regarding the best company to work. There are interesting information provided regarding the top companies.
To start lets just see which companies are at the top in this year:

1.    NetApp
2.    Edward Jones
4.    Google
5.    Wegmans
6.    Cisco
7.    Genentech

Do you want to know on which basis these companies at ranked at top position. I will just list some of the points which makes these companies great. I had to do some text mining to collect these points. 

1.  Egalitarian culture
2.  Down-to-earth management ethos
3.  Increased recruitment of minorities
4.  First-class health insurance
5.  Never had a layoff.
6.  Receive performance bonuses
7.  Implementation of retention bonuses and severance 
8.  Focusing on collaborative efforts to give employees more say in decision-making

Well these are the very few points that I found out. Do you think these are really the things that people look for? May be. Well let me know your thought.

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