Feb 2, 2009

New Communication

I have got nothing to share, neither anything to tell. I have no thoughts neither any views. I have no reason neither any goals. Here I am, just giving my fingers an exercise of a day. Fingers moving up and down, eyes following the moving cursor in my laptop and brain pumping a THINK tank. Lets blog, I say to myself.

Haven't been writing anything. Not cause I am busy or that I have no time. I simple have nothing to blog.

With the SOCIAL MEDIA hype and all people going nuts. I am just lost. People these days want to say a lot in just few words.... I guess we call it tweeting. The words are getting shorter and the feelings are getting lost... That is what I feel most of the time but may be its a changing world. A new world, where communication is something entirely different.

This made be remember one term its called "NewSpeak", a term used by George Orwell in his book 1984. If you have read the book or know about it. What this New Speak, is something similar to the New Changing ways of communication. Its language where the words have been deleted and emotion has been ripped away from the words so that when people communicate they are exactly telling each other what they want to. Though the main aim of "NewSpeak " was discouraging INDIVIDUALISM. I don't know how far this new communication of ours are going forward. I can only think.

May be I am wrong in this but its my thoughts. A changing ways of communication.


  1. I remember the "Newspeak", George Orwell talks in his book. It is gooder, meaning substituting the word better or best with gooder or gooderer. The book is fantastic.
    Since you liked this dystopian novel, I want to know if you read Aldous Huxley's 'Brave New World' or not? That one is gooderer, trust me. I loved Brave New World more than I did 1984.

  2. hye there. No I haven't read the Brave World. Will surely do when I get hold of one. The other book that I found interesting was THE FOUNTAIN HEAD. Have you read that one. Its gr8t.

  3. `me to i haven't read the brave world wish someday i will...


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