Mar 24, 2009

Location of People in Twitter (iPhone)

Recently, I was working on the data of the twitter. I did one interesting and quite simple thing. I took the list of the location people were using in there profile and fed it to one of the available online tool called ( Guess what I got? I found that majority of people on twitter seem to be using iPhone. May be it was obvious, but to see it through data was quite a taste. The size of the population used is 31691.


  1. Deep, This is fantastic.

    Is this showing that people use Twitter more for personal reasons and less for business reasons?

    Great observation.


  2. I'm a little confused here. So the majority of people use iphone to tweet. but that could be anywhere in the world right? Comparing geographic locations like US, UK, New York etc with iphone is sorta not apples-2-apples. I think sometime back I saw an article that said most tweeple use the web for tweeting and as for the geo-location US leads the pack with UK catching up fast, I think. Sorry no sources as of now.

  3. Thanks Bhupendra.

    Hi Freddie, u r right that most of the tweeple are from US rather than from UK. Even in this diagram u could see it. Regarding iPhone, I am a bit confused too :). The location is surely unclear. But most of them seems to prefer to use their iphone as a location.

    Thanks for the comment.


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