Mar 6, 2009

What makes a great company?

I have been going through a article at FORTUNE magazine, regarding the best company to work. There are interesting information provided regarding the top companies.
To start lets just see which companies are at the top in this year:

1.    NetApp
2.    Edward Jones
4.    Google
5.    Wegmans
6.    Cisco
7.    Genentech

Do you want to know on which basis these companies at ranked at top position. I will just list some of the points which makes these companies great. I had to do some text mining to collect these points. 

1.  Egalitarian culture
2.  Down-to-earth management ethos
3.  Increased recruitment of minorities
4.  First-class health insurance
5.  Never had a layoff.
6.  Receive performance bonuses
7.  Implementation of retention bonuses and severance 
8.  Focusing on collaborative efforts to give employees more say in decision-making

Well these are the very few points that I found out. Do you think these are really the things that people look for? May be. Well let me know your thought.

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