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Buzzom Desktop - a Twitter Client Applications with Spam Control

Yes, the title itself says much about the application it self. Twitter, what can I say? Its a whole world shouting at an instance. Some are buying groceries, some are at bathroom, some are sleeping in the class, some watching movies, and so many things that its just amazing to listen to them. Wait!! there are bots too, some are very useful bots who brings great information but some are hopeless and irritating.
In this chaos of information, we need a perfect client application to mine through these information and at the same time allow you to grow your relationship with the people and grow in the network. As per the need, we felt that we must come out with our own client application and here is the first alpha version, which you can download for free and use free.

1. Hide users who are spamming with too many or useless tweets without unfollowing them.
2. Get updates on what the twitter elites like GuyKawasaki, BBC etc. are saying without following them.
3. Configure your buddy list and be…

Young Entrepreneurs in Nepal

Among the midst of the political turmoil and its entertaining melodrama, its difficult for any serious young innovators to work their vision out. With the deadlock in the western economic situation and there overwhelming influence in the developing nation, ultimately it comes to us - the young minds to stand against them.
I have seen the rising entrepreneurs in Nepal, especially Kathmandu in this span of 1 year. Last time, I remember me and few friends trying to share in a platform that was not entirely focused on young innovation. Well these kinds of things usually lead to expected over look on the ideas. But now the situation is quite reverse. Today there are not only handful of young innovators but network of them, with serious attitude to change the attitude towards better future. Today is the start of such beginning - BarCampKTM. The concept of BarCamp is to come together from different walk of interest and share your passion among others. Do not be mistaken for the field to be na…