Dec 27, 2011

Beatles with love

It was the year 1992, as far as I remember. I use to stay with my grandmother and grandfather, away from home. I would hang around with my mama (mother's brother) when ever he was free. He was in many ways, my early influence in many facet of my life : music, movies, clothes and what not :) Most of my early influence of music comes from his collection.

Imagine was the song which use to play in loop in his stereo player. I was slowly observing the music in background, which would slowly reveal itself in future. Somehow, the song Imagine and Tears in Heaven, always had be baffled. It was after many years, I would finally recognize the difference in the song. John Lennon was not even in the picture.

Then it was the year 1998, in my teen age, I finally carried away the collection of the cassette from my grand mom's house and brought it to my house. Now, I had my own room, my own walkman and my own fantasy of life. After hours of dusting out the cassettes and excitedly peering into the collection, I picked up the one with a faint impression of a label written with blue chinese pen - the Beatles. That was the beginning and have never ended till now.

Each of the characters : John, Paul, George and Ringo have made  a place in my little dream house. Now, they have become more than just a mere music personalities but a philosophy for me. People have their concerns about the break-ups of the band and the tension between them. But I see them as 4 unique individual who for some period of time, came together for a purpose in this world.

My last thought :

Paul is about love,
and John is about rebel,
George is about life,
and Ringo a beautiful rhythm
- bexdeep

Nov 9, 2011

Hidden Desire of a Monk

With his closed eyes,
and calm composure,
there he is disillusioned by his own conscience.

The state of enlightenment,
which he pretends to have,
is haunted by his own existence.

Like a glowing candle,
he is caught in a conflict of
spreading a light and a desire to exist.

Like a shapeless form and an unheard sound,
he is trapped in his own reasoning.

Though he pretends to be a hermit,
underneath lies his hidden desire to exist.

[Image Credits : Abdul Portrait and Going to Atlanta]

Oct 15, 2011

It’s much more interesting to live not knowing than to have answers that might be wrong.

Every now and then, I give myself a time to re-explore myself just to make sure that I am doing the right thing for myself. And in this exploration, I come across interesting characters and lifes that either inspires me or lets me understand myself more clearly. Usually there always has been this time period of 6 months for my self exploration. Yes, exactly 6 months of setting urself free from rules and restarting your journey.

I met Richard Feynman after I completed by A level, though I was being introduced to him during my physic class by my physic teacher. I had exactly 6 months to explore him in/out. I picked up his famous book : "Surely you must be joking, Mr Richard Feynman.", the rest is history. Every now and then, I try my best to introduce to others, but I leave the rest to them. And today, I am trying again to re-introduce him through these wonderful videos.

"Tt’s much more interesting to live not knowing than to have answers that might be wrong." - Richard Feynman.

Oct 5, 2011

The Hero

Learning to fight and trying to live for your own sake,

in this crazy world, finding inspiration is hard.

But in the midst of many heros and characters,

Steve genuienly stood as the ONE for me.

More than anything, it was his perspective and understanding of the world,

which I have come to respect over time.

I believe inspiration never dies,

it lives on.

RIP Steve.

(Image Credit : t_hero)

Oct 2, 2011

Thoughts on Design by Paul Rand


I haven’t changed my mind about modernism from the first day I ever did it…. It means integrity; it means honesty; it means the absence of sentimentality and the absence of nostalgia; it means simplicity; it means clarity. That’s what modernism means to me…

— Lecture, A Paul Rand Retrospective, Cooper Union, Oct. 3, 1996

Good design adds value of some kind, gives meaning, and, not incidentally, can be sheer pleasure to behold; it respects the viewer’s sensibilities and rewards the entrepreneur.

— Design Form and Chaos

Without play, there would be no Picasso. Without play, there is no experimentation. Experimentation is the quest for answers.

— Graphic Wit “Paul Rand: The Play Instinct” 1991

Mies van der Rohe once said that being good is more important than being original. Originality is a product, not an intention.

— Graphic Wit “Paul Rand: The Play Instinct” 1991

Source :

(Photo : Taken by my sister on 2007 and Photoshopped afterwards)

Steal Like an Artist: Austin Kleon on Combinatorial Creativity

Few days back I had posted a three series long video with a title "Everything is a Remix". The focus of these idea is that nothing is original and everything is a mass-up of previous works. Though this thought might be frustrating for some of the artists who believes in pure originality, but it is true in many extent that originality doesn't exist.

Ideas are always shared and borrowed. What matters most is the attitude with which an artist take upon others work. There are many who simple copy blatantly.  With the same reasoning and principal, there is another bloggers who have stumbled upon an interesting result of his own works.

Nothing is completely original. All artists’ work builds on what came before. Every new idea is just a remix or a mashup of two previous ideas.”

Source :

Sep 30, 2011

Steve Jobs super presentation to NeXTOS

These are some of the simply superb presentation and mind opening presentation on the evolution of Internet and Online communication.

Sep 29, 2011

You can't Fail


An idea can fail. A product can fail.
But that doesn't mean that you failed
or that the company failed.

You only fail when you stop trying,
or when you stop pushing yourself.
You fail, when you give up.
So till the time you are trying and
pushing yourself, you can't fail.

- bexdeep

(Sketch : On 6th May 2006 :Of My Father when he was young.)

Sep 24, 2011

Storytelling Through Animation

I am a great fan of Japanese Animator Hayao Miyazaki, who has great sensibility in story telling. Some of his greatest works include : Spirited Away, Castle in the Sky and Porco Rosso. The other Japanese Animator who is also known as the God of Manga is Osamu Tezuka. His work includes the famous Animation ASTRO BOY.

One of the traits of these animators are not their animation skills, which off-course is to par with excellence, but their honestly in story telling. Now animation is a pretty time consuming process that requires a lot of planning and creativity than any other story telling process.

Though modern animation means more of 3D models and realistic visual graphics, 2D animation can also be as much interesting as any other realistic 3D animations. Below are some of the weirdest animations to illustrate the variety in 2D animation and detailing which can be achieved in story telling process.

Below is the animation from Osamu Tezuka, you can clearly see the detail of the animation and the visual effect. Now lets see some of the weirdest of all. You can find tons in Youtube. :)

This animation cannot really be told as 3D or 2D, the whole style has been merged to give completely new experience.

This is a weird example of story telling, but yet it seems subtle in its detail.

This animation just shows the level of detail simple sketches can have and its tremendous impact on viewers.

Now obviously, this doesn't mean 3D are not expressive enough. Below are some of the weird and witty animations.

Sep 23, 2011

I Remembered U

During those moments of Silence,
and those moments of pain,
I (long pause) remembered U.

While the darkness was around the corner,
and my shadow was still clear,
I remembered U.

During the conflict of morality,
and the confusion of crowd,
I remembered U.

As the sun rose high,
and I opened my eye,
I remembered U.

As I was listening to JM,
and playing his rythm,
I remembered U.

As I was walking alone,
holding on to my dreams,
I remembered U.

U didn't come from my past,
neither from my present,
but I remembered U.

- bexdeep

(Illustration done on 2009)
JM stands for John Mayer, Jason Marz and James Morrison

Sep 18, 2011

Personal Projects

As far as remember, I have been doing personal projects since I was a kid. From a simple stamp collection hobby to attempting to build a flying glider, my life has become an instances of projects, one after the other. The whole concept of giving form to a formless thoughts/idea is exciting and challenging.

That is why I am so in love with engineering, for me its the right discipline which deals with designing processes to achieve those visions. Channelizing thoughts from a sketch to a first prototype is a reward in itself. Throughout my experience, I have always found that people who have a hobby of doing personal projects have different approach to a problem solving. They seem to have clearer and wider perspective of the problem. They are also more practical in their approach and do not hold on to thoughts with a fear of failure. May be its because they have dealt with more failure than anyone in their lifetime. Overall, they are highly self-motivated and off course they are rare.

Self-motivation is the core behind personal projects because you have to deal with no one but yourself in terms of quality and deadlines. In my own experience, an individual goes through thousands of ideas before they settle for one which they find worth trying to achieve.

Currently, there is so many project ideas stacked inside my mind which I hope to achieve one by one. And off course I will achieve them in time, as I have never failed to try out my ideas.  They just have to wait their turns. Some ideas remain for months and years, some for minutes and some simply never comes out of its cocoon.

My first project as far as I remember was making a "home work diary" and "self dictionary of new words". This must be when I was in class 3, where home work diary was still not in the trend so I had to cut white A4 size papers into square form and tie it down with threads. Soon, I decided to make the form circle and I think I was very much pleased by the eccentricity of the design. Offcourse, flaunting it among your friends was more fun. Prior to these, I do use to collect a lot of Super Hero stickers of superman and batman. :)
Keeping a "dictionary" was much more simple - I just had to get a notebook and write every new words and their meaning into it.

Beside these, I believe drawing and painting was my key hobby coupled with excessive LEGO structure building, limited by only few hundred pieces. I also remember getting a clean notebook and attempting to copy down the whole story of "Goldilocks and 3 bears". Then making your own "scrabble" board was fun too. I think these attitude made me more self reserved and self satisfied. The habit of getting lost in your own world has remained with me since then.

Its interesting to remember all those school days where I had my school work + personal work. Many friends thought I was too studious spending time studying but people rarely knew I spent time on my own personal work. Two of them rarely met with each other, until after my Olevels where I was more into studying science and mathematics. So what ever I studied had relevance to my personal work.

During my school days, I did lot of sketching ideas into paper. After many years those would help me understand engineering drawing classes much better, and it still does. It was also during those school days, where I stumbled upon a skill to create stop motion animation in diary. Soon my diary was filled with drawings at every corner.

One of my electronic projects.

Once I was in colleges, my personal projects started becoming more complex and usually took months of working on it. The project would be virtually anything for me : sketching a portraits, learning complex guitar composition, making computer software, building hardware prototypes of electronic kits, experimenting with ideas of expressing better, writing novel, composing your own songs. I don't know but the range of project never seems to correlate and was more of gamut of random artistic pleasures.

I think all these personal projects have become and expression of myself. Every idea some how found its way out in different form and medium. Also many ideas still remain unexpressed. I don't remember a day where I am not thinking of projects. Its there, hard coded in my nature. I would have compulsive desire to achieve and challenge.
The top image is that of a "Starship Enterprise" which I must have spend hours and hours drawing in my copies and books, where ever possible. I was a big fan of Captain Krik and his companions. May be it was my innate desire, to have my own voyage to unknowns and keep exploring, not with a goal to find an answer but to simply carry on exploring.
 Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.

Sep 17, 2011

Everything is a Remix : Innovation is Inevitable

This is a three part, and more on the way, series on how ideas or innovations exist and discusses the DNA of Innovation. It basically compromises of COPY, TRANSFORM, and COMBINE.
Creativity isn’t magic: it happens by applying ordinary tools of thought to existing materials. And the soil from which we grow our creations is something we scorn and misunderstand even though it gives us so much — and that’s… copying.” ~ Kirby Ferguson

Everything is a Remix Part 1 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

Everything is a Remix Part 2 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

Everything is a Remix Part 3 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.
[Updated : 25th March 2012]

Everything is a Remix Part 4 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

Profession and Passion

Ji Lee, currently Creative Director at Facebook and previously at Google, talks about profession and passions.

Sep 12, 2011

Pointless and Enlightened

Enlightenment Trapped

It was not needed,
neither necessary.

But there he was,
standing on his own,
still and calm.

Pointless and Enlightened,
meaningless and yet relevant

- bexdeep

(Photo taken at Namobuddha, Nepal on 2008)

Sep 11, 2011

Despair and Hope


Take away, Oh Take away
this despair and hope

the uncertain growth
with the winding roads

and the unwinding dreams
with an impossible scope

- bexdeep

(Image : Old Lady drawn on 2006 )

Sep 5, 2011

Dream to Share


At the lonely side of ur dream,
U may have discovered urself

but u still need to find a way back to ur life,
and wake up from dream to share it with your love

- bexdeep

(Image : Mother and Baby drawn on 2007 )

Aug 18, 2011

Act of Priority Shifting

While I was back in Nepal, I met a very dear friend of mine after a pretty darn long time. She came to visit me at my house and we had great time chatting about old days. During our chat, I asked her if we should plan for something coming this week. She pulled a tattered sheet of torn paper where she had meticulously drawn a calendar with each box containing her schedules. I was impressed and embarked upon making my own sheet. We made a plan for Thursday get together with other friends. I marked in a big letters under my Thursday box. “5:00 pm Meet Up”

Source :
There is always some sense of gratification in planning which is interesting to ponder upon. Laying out agendas, road-maps and schedules are time consuming and interesting, only to realize the hard rules of priority shifting. Now I was home after a long time and that also only for 20 days, so I had simple agenda but no plan (Don’t confuse PLAN with AGENDA. It’s the same confusion between IDEA and EXECUTION). Some of the most important were: Being At home, hanging out with Friends, Taking a Road Trip and meeting some folks according to priority.

Well, THURSDAY 5:00 PM Meet Up never happened and we had to squeeze last 5/10 minutes to make ourselves available before I left Nepal (This happened at the nick of time with delicate time sharing and priority shifting – a common term in design of Operating System :)). So what happened to all that planning and scheduling? Did the earth change its direction? :) Well, no but what did change was priority. That happens often in life, priority changes with time and situation. And the whole act of balancing your way means everything. At the end of 20 days, I had all my agenda ticked mark, with few missed task (Remember this, got my agenda fulfilled but missed some task).

Now that demonstrates 20 days demo of your life. Life is often taken as long journey which I think is an illusion. Your long one year journey is just a dot in your entire life. Now how important you want to make that dot depends upon you. If you are skilful you might just be able to stretch that dot into a line. (This comes from my ongoing exploration about time independent theory of aging. Which I am planning to write when I get it right:)) Just like 20 days, life is short with all your agendas and priorities mixed. At the end of your life, I think you find yourself staring at a list of agendas with Green Tick and Red Cross marks all over it.

Even after that short 20 days, my days are still on turmoil with priority shifting. Being an entrepreneur, you have to be able to shift gears and change at nick of time. I have stopped counting how many times, I have made those tight turns. Shifting is very important activity because shifting allows you to align yourself to your agenda. If you miss the shift, you end of losing one agenda from your list :) unless you find other turn and time to re-align yourself. Beside the illusion that there are ample opportunities, I try not to get overwhelmed by it. You just keep hitting and missing things, sometime you are glad you missed and sometime you are not.

I have a belief that it’s always easy to make the most important decisions of your life, but really difficult to make less important decisions. The catch is how do you know what is important and what is not. The goal of PLANNING is not to get the AGENDA right, but to get the processes aligned and executed properly. Planning is process dependent activity where you are not concerned about the agenda but only with processes and minute details of activities and getting them right. Hence, there is a thin line between PLAN and AGENDA, which ties them together and is a pretty difficult task to figure that out.

One of my artist friend had told me long time back that getting the right composition in your painting or photography is very important than getting the lines or circles or focus correct. And knowing or identifying good composition is a lifelong activity and realization, never ending. Getting right focus or straight lines are like getting things planned out. You will have to use right lenses and right brush strokes to get your content right. You may get a beautiful picture or painting if you have right plan, but the hard fact behind the art which is composition is not dependent upon your plan. It has nothing to do with the quality of your image or quality of your brush strokes or focus.

That is why it’s so difficult to understand the link between agenda and plan, or idea or execution because those underlining concept are hidden and mysterious, making the both end tied with random rules (also popularly expressed as rules of god :)). This is much more complicated than wave-particle duality which consists of only 2 states; here we are talking about multiple instances with different form and factor. Welcome to string theory, where these multiple instances are expressed as a form of energy vibrating at different frequency. Not a discrete state of particle or wave, but entirely spread over concept of continuum variable. Sorry for diverting but I had to make a shift to demonstrate just how important it is to understand the complication with getting things right.

Therefore, the act of priority shifting is the closest think (I assume) that can come to realizing your agenda or that can come to realizing your composition or that come to realizing your idea take form and shape the way you visualized. But off course, priority shifting always comes with a price of changing your plan. You won’t get it right the first time as I told you earlier; the missing link has mysterious nature. That is also why, recently a popular theory on Failure has been appearing in every innovation blogs because the closest to getting things right is to try it out.

Aug 3, 2011

Aug 3rd : Meaning Behind It

screen-shots of my diary on August 3rd
I live a philosophical life with full concentration on wholeness rather than a single celled ideology. So I have come to see that August 3rd is more important to me than my birthday, cause this is the day when I actually started my journey into the wilderness with full consiousness.

It was on August 3 that I started my newly owned life in Bangalore. Remembering my uncertainty at that time, the only thing I was sure about was finding myself. I think I have in many ways found myself in last 3 years. There is this wonderful saying - "You change because you have not found yourself yet". So I am still changing and the process of perfecting continues.

It also happens that unknowingly, I tend to take into new journey every August. May be its because of its position in the yearly calender. But beside me, I know that there are hundred of Nepalese students who embark on their educational journey to America, UK and other areas on this very month. Which says more about the auspiciousness of the month. And I think many people out there will agree that there is certain mystery around August month.

But not all my journey on August have turned out better. I have had bitter experiences on some August where disappointment have lead me to take different path. But different path is always there for a good. So I am eagerly waiting for the new revelation which should happen this year.

But I am already optimistic about this year, as my this August have started with a wonderful delight. With new journey and risk, there is always new people to meet and create new relationships. I must say, this August has surprised me :) and I am looking forward to it. This means that I have already taken one risk, now there is the second one that I need to take.

For last 3 years, entrepreneurship has taught me lot and continues to do so, never stopping. And I always feel, its the start and not the end, and many things happen in between.

One more interesting fact about August, which I found and was delighted by it :

On the evening of 3 August 1492, Columbus departed from Palos de la Frontera with three ships; one larger carrack, Santa María, nicknamed Gallega (the Galician), and two smaller caravels, Pinta (the Painted) and Santa Clara, nicknamed Niña after her owner Juan Niño of Moguer. - wiki

Jul 17, 2011

Concept of Healthy Community Design

I have always indulged myself observing people move through their life and make a living for them. The strange dependence that human beings have with each other is interesting to observe. But in this strange society, we all are bound by moral values, laws and expectations. I can never completely understand this mere presence of poverty that stares and the meaning of it. If it even means anything to be poor in a society and make your way through struggle, or born rich and stumble through pitfalls of social disaster. The examples of such scenarios are abundant in our society.

Source :
I consider myself very lucky to have spent my childhoods in between urban and rural areas. I was exposed to city life and rural lifestyle parallel. This has made my experience rich in those terms. More importantly, I could very much say that the society that I was living in was an experimental one. It was the convergence and harmony between village and urban technology, living hand in hand. I lived in the midst of Agricultural Research Centre which had at that time, the most advance technology for research and science purpose.  This was during 90s. Later in my life, I was told that the whole project was evolved to help the community make their living sustainable.

You can imagine that this had tremendous impact on how I wanted to live my life in future - in the midst of research and technology, helping society figure out a way to be efficient. Interestingly, though it was 90s, I happen to touch and feel laptop before PCs. My father would bring this foldable DOS OS laptop and I would watch him type in WordStar. The first command that I ever learned was the BACKSPACE key, which my father would repetitively use. At one instance, I was so eagerly watching him type that, I hurriedly pressed the key before he did, which amused him a lot and made him run to my mother to explain the drama. (Similar incident happened once I took a scissor and hold a cotton to clean my wounds. It was something taught in our first-aid class and it amused him more, thinking I would opt for studying Medicine in future. But BACKSPACE key was more interesting than a scissor and cotton. ) These days, he often consults with me his problems on outlook mail and excels sheets. J  These things make life very interesting.

Anyway coming back to my main point, I would sometime visit research labs full of PCs and get lost observing the FISH theme screen saver. It was the most inspiring and interesting time, which would remain with me forever. The house I lived in was simple and well equipped with furniture and resource supply, I never thought there was anything more that I would need in my life. The place was beautiful with changing climate, which made it all interesting. There were times, when the sky would be filled with brown flies and frogs all set to feed on them. We also had 7 important channels, delivered to our house through DISH antennae.  All I wanted was to work like my father and contribute to make this society efficient in terms of economy and culture.  Ohh!! How I miss those days and simplicity. But I guess, I had to move on to explore the horizon. So among my many friends I was the first one to live the place and move to city for my further degree. Since then, I have never found existence of any community as vibrant and efficient.

This is what brings to me the main topic - Struggle to build an efficient and growing community. Its bliss these days to even find any, though there existence is rare. After almost 3 years of start-up experience and struggle, I can see why it’s so difficult to have such systems. There are so many variables and difficulties in establishing a profitable business of value with efficiency. I guess more time is spent in experimenting and learning what works and what doesn’t and you need to change as it comes around. I find the management of resources and involving them into goal-oriented project, the main challenge. You have to look at the value your company is presenting to the business and how you are doing it. You need to communicate with potential partners to create better opportunity and scalable business. During all this, you need to clearly know the distracting factors too, because that is important for growth and sustainability and those factors have potential to make it or break your company. Similarly with the community, there are many factors which encourage the members of the community to participate and move alone, but negligence to counter the distracting factor could heavily falter the growth and demise of the community. I think that is what happened to the place that I lived during my childhood, though the place exists, I hear it’s not as interesting and vibrant as before.

So the final thought, how can we build a sustainable community? Can they be designed? If so how? Here are few thoughts of mine. First of all, the landscape of the community is very important because that is going to define a lot of things like economy, culture and population. The space where people live is very important, as they affect the emotions of people. I believe that space can affect human’s senses in lot many ways then we can imagine. Along with landscape comes the important role of resources and there management. A community is a combination of people with variety of skills and interest, which can be channelized for betterment of the society. Any rejection of such human resource could result into migration. Then comes the efficient economy of the society and how they can be managed without much lose. The continuous flow of financial transaction between people is one of the parameters to consider the health of the society. Off course the culture is important which binds people together with the feeling of oneness and one. Absence of culture could result in frustration and dissociation of the community because community is the higher realization of individual which is as important as individual.

The last statement could be controversial as it raises the debate between individualism and communal behaviour, but there is some practical implication where both fail to answer deep rooted question of life and society. Being open-minded can only be the way to resolve this issue rather than following some hardcore philosophies.

As you can see, the question of community design is important in today’s society. It can come in a form of an organisation design or community design. I believe both follow similar line of thought.

Jul 15, 2011

Creative Product Development Process

An interesting topic, as this means a lot to me and my every instances of life. Product is far more different then Service, in terms of engagement with customers and expectations. I find it similar to animated movies versus actor-acted movies. There are certain freedoms in making animated movies, due to freedom of choice of characters, whereas in case of actor-acted movies you have to deal with the personality of the actor before you even go to explore the character of the story. I chuckle every time I remember one of the statement from George Lucas, “I like working with animated characters as I hate dealing with people.” Off course, that cannot be the only reason for making animated series, because at the end it’s about great story telling. In case of products and services, it’s all about solving problems and adding value. What differentiates is how you want to approach it.

Source :
So let me dwell into the aspect of product development process. It starts, I think, with etch.   Etch, is important because it definitely shows you the area of problem and a point where value can be added. The greater the ETCH, the great the value the product can add.

Once that is identified, the whole system starts to reveal itself in terms of system variables and controls variables. And this whole process is gratifying in its own terms. But I am not going go through all these process of identifying variables and implementing them as a form and function in terms of software or hardware. What I want to explore is this development process, where the product is still not matured but is on its way of becoming the required solutions.

Imagine, designing a building (building structure is the perfect example for me in terms of creativity and engineering solutions). It has aspect of aesthetics and ingenuity of engineered solutions, making a perfect combo for any kind of analysis. And the variable becomes the flow of nature, resources and humans in and out. But there is one aspect missing and that’s the mass production. Unlike products, building becomes the defining aspect of itself attracting visitors to marvel its engineering feet. But product on the other hand, reaches to mass through calculated production and supply chain. It has aspect of packaging, pricing, distribution, sales and so on. On the contrary, modern web solutions or products are much like designing buildings rather than products. It’s about attracting visitors and maintaining their flow in the system. Traditionally software products were too packaged and distributed, but now it’s much simpler to reach out to mass.  Today, internet is a platform where you need to build a software or solution, similar to constructing a house. It has to be aesthetically appealing, functionally simple and lot of value addition.

Difference between buildings and software lies in the risk that you can take on, which means you cannot afford to do lots of trial and error tests with building as with web platforms. In case of buildings, the evolution happens in slow and steady way, encouraged with lots of off shore research and testing. So I would like to see, web product design as more than just designing a building, but designing a community and a society. Because in case of designing landscapes and community you have lot more flexibility, in terms of experimenting with elements of society. It has to have every aspect of a community, especially after the social media revolution.

Now, why is it that it’s a creative process and not just stacking of functionality? Well, it doesn’t have to be. Back to my saying, that it depend how you approach and the vision behind it. But I am more inclined into taking it as a creative process, as that happens to be my passion.

So, can I say it’s like movie making experience? Hmm may be not entirely. But there are certain aspect of film making that can be implemented into the product development cycle, especially the scripting part. Script writing is certainly the blue print of films, so I think even a good product would have more benefit if a basic script can be formed in terms of actors, plots and functionality. Lately, I have tried to go through some of the standard scripts of movies, I found them expressive in terms of scene description and how that helps to take the story forward. In similar, way a good description of a product feature in terms of user perspective and system perspective would be great. May be characters could be users, interaction and system services. Ahh... ya it’s all so interesting to feel about this creative process of dealing with lot of variables, but it’s better not to get into process so much that you forget the main pictures, that solving the problem.

Don't forget to see the post on GOD COMPLEX, its a great talk on trial and error process. 

Tim Harford: Trial, error and the God complex

I really don't have anything to write this time. Though I have many thoughts winding up in my head. But then, after a very long time I stumbled upon a good video in TED. This is regarding the complex system and solving the real problems through trial and error.

Though I could not help noticing Tim Harford, calling Hans Rosling the Mick Jagger of TED. By the way, Tim's book Undercover Economists is a great read for any one.

Bottom Line : "Its very difficult to make GOOD mistakes."

Jun 25, 2011

Unsettling Dream

{Rambling with myself} My last few weeks have been reviving and insightful. After almost 2 years, I returned to my home and met old friends and family. I don’t know why, but whenever I think of them, it seems as if I am looking at the other side of the coin. The side which I have been neglecting, the side which somehow exists to keep me reminded of my roots. The side, I am trying hard to polish and shin.

While I was with my family and friends, I kept asking myself why I didn’t settle for a normal job and lived like everyone else. What is it that I am pursuing in this life? Everyone seems to be going through some phase of transition, and I found myself utterly confused and stunned. To make best of my time, I went on a trip with my friends to see if I could find consolation with my questions. But I didn’t. By the time I had to return, I had more questions than before. The unsettling dream kept haunting me.

Entrepreneurship is a hard choice because you are on your own, figuring out the rules of life. There is no syllabus or any course work to guide you. No books that can give you enough idea about life. Moreover, there are no marks to grade your performance. You just have to figure out by playing it and that’s it. May be its ignorance within me that prompted me to go this way, but I could not go any way either. Honestly, I had no idea of what entrepreneurship or leadership is all about, until I started playing the game, the only game which made sense for me to play. The idea was not to win the game, but to play and figure out the rules as I go along. For last 3 years, I have figured out enough rules to make some sense of life. But sometime, certain unexpected moves keep proving me wrong.

There is a saying that a “filled cup can never be filled”, and that “a rolling stone will never gather any moss.” But my cup never gets filled. Every time I look into my cup, I see it empty. Looks like, nothing stays in my cup beside the left over impressions and stains from unproven facts. On the hand, I see no reason why a stone should gather any moss, rather than rolling and being always in motion. At the end, may be rolling stone would not gather any moss, but you will find the stone beaming with perfection of its roundness which is absent in the other stone. This sense reminds me of a story from Hermann Hesse, “Siddhartha”. A young man in search of truth, who ends up finding the answer late in his life, similar to the character in the movie, Into the wild.

I have been blogging with all my passion to keep reminding why I started it all - for the love of the life and my unsettling dream. The dream is to be able to architect my life in my own way and be able to do great things. But my doubtful nature keeps challenging me of my path. I could not help noticing how people fail due to lack of faith on their instinct. The pressuring nature of social casualties are powerful enough to generate fear. This fear is interesting, it is the core of what makes you what you are. If you have read enough of J Krishnamurti‘s books than you will find that his main stress is always in removing this fear from oneself. The fear weakens your senses to judge and to make right decision. I have tried hard enough to ignore my fear and move, but sometime I falter on my own reasoning, the only thing that I trust.

Both side of the coin adds value to life. Dream and Reality are two different perceptions of life and balancing your way through it, is all one needs to do. But the act of balance is much more complicated than it sounds and one needs to figure it out. It’s always the fear that plays against your balance. I think, if one can control it, there should be no problem.

May 21, 2011

Being an Artist and Being an Entrepreneur is almost similar

Most people flock to big cities to pursue their dreams and struggle for years. Some people succeed but many still find themselves waiting for the opportunities. They consider that opportunity is the biggest thing that can actually leverage their talent or skill. But I believe that it is not always so.

There are couple of examples that proves that opportunity along is not everything. Moreover in today’s media hyped world, opportunities are everywhere from a reality TV shows to your own youtube channel, twitter account or facebook profile.

If you look around in youtube, there are lots of artists doing great with their skills and scaling them to offline. This gives a lot of encouragement to all those people who want to pursue their passion. But there is a reality beyond pursuing your dreams that everyone considers once in a while. It’s how far you can take yourself with what you have. Most people get stuck on it and lose their passion in mid way, and some people simply cannot go beyond what they already have.

Take examples of hundreds of reality shows winners and contestants who were given the lime light exposure through grandiose celebration. Most are not even there in the industry and some have wandered away, and some have simply disappeared. I am not really the greatest fans of reality shows but they have their pros and cons. But at the end, all those participants for whatever reasons they competed starts to make no sense. Along the path of life, all the opportunity and exposure goes into nothing. I think, they become unable to push themselves, or they realise that it’s not only about opportunity or exposure, it’s about honestly and perseverance. And it takes hell lot of time to become what you really wanted to be.

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So I have been wondering what it takes to make that jumps which takes you to the next level. Entrepreneurs also fall into similar category. They start with some idea and work very hard to seek opportunity and exposure. Along the way, they fail and some move along, some take another chance and some just disappears. It takes a lot to work on your ideas and to shape them into the existing industry. It doesn’t matter, if you are trying to create a new industry or market, or be part of an industry, the work is equally challenging.

Most entrepreneurs, similar to an artist cannot push themselves out of where they already are and get hindered by their own limitation. If we look into great artists, you will notice that they always make a jump to something different and take risk to fail. To explore ones horizon is very important for artists, because they are always in constant pressure to create something different. No artist has become successful by just making one masterpiece. It’s the continuum of those master pieces and variety which takes them to their status. This is true even for entrepreneurs; great entrepreneurs are always pushing the envelope and innovating to reach that extreme end. Some fail, but its always worth taking a risk.

So my final note is that, to be what you want to be, you have to scale up and see the bigger picture and keep struggling. Coz the goal is not always to reach where you want to, but to make sure that every day is a worthwhile to live for. Even after more than 2 years of my experience in entrepreneurship, I may not have reached where I want to and I may have failed in many ways, but every day was worth living for and making sure that it continues that way is I think the biggest challenge.Most people query me, why entrepreneurship, I mean you are a graduated engineer? And honestly, for me I see no difference between engineers and entrepreneurs, for me both stands for someone trying very hard to create something and innovate everyday.

No great movie director rests on their previous movie; he/she is continually working on the next great things. No great musician stop making music coz they think they have had it, they explore till they die. No great writers stop writing coz they think they have succeeded. No scientist stop thinking, they are continually jumping from one problem to other. And no creative entrepreneurs stop experimenting with ideas, they keep exploring till they can. Not to settle is hard and a choice has to be made. It’s always up to us to decide if we want to reach the dream.

Apr 23, 2011

Passion and Flying

There is an interesting aspect of flying which grasps everyone's imagination. The freedom and the control of moving around the space without any obstacle is just too much to ask for, in one man's life :). Isn't it?

As a young kid like everyone, flying was a dream. Not to mention the great stories of Leonardo Da Vinci and the Wrights brothers, who not only dreamt but also went on designing one, would inspire you to believe that some day in future it would be possible to fly like a bird. So let me tell you a short story about myself where I took myself to some limit into achieving this. :) I have been wanting to tell this for a long time but never found any occasion or reason to do so.
It was long ago when I was still in grade 3/4, should be around 1993. Space Channel was just installed in our house and I would spend time watching cartoons and other science programs. That was when I noticed gliders and parachutes. The shear simplicity of the design took me by surprise. Just to be satisfied, I would take a small stone, tie it around a hanky and throw up in the air. Then I would watch it fall slowly and in a balanced manner. It was only after years, I finally understood that it was a phenomenon called Terminal Velocity.

But throwing plastics around was not much fun. So I would take umbrellas of different sizes and jump from certain heights. :) It was very discouraging. Either Umbrellas would flip upside down too fast or nothing would  happen. I surely needed to try more than just jumping. This is when I decided that I had to make my own glider. So I waited for TV to show gliders. I wish information was much accessible then. Around that time, libraries were not very accessible and internet was still much of sci-fi things. But I managed to get enough of the design aspect, though it was some what wrong.

So one fine Saturday morning, I got up with a shear determination that I was going to get it done. During those days, Saturday was only the time when you had the whole day for yourselves. School use to run on Sundays and we use to have half-school during Fridays. So on that day, I got up as usual, ate my breakfast, carried my small sketch book and spend some time sketching my design under the sun. I remember carrying such sketch book till the time I was in class 7. After which I some how got lost into mathematics and other heavy reading :). But the shear joy of sketching ideas on a paper still remains.

I figured out that I needed bamboo sticks for framing the glider, plastics for the body and some ropes to tie things around. It was the most basic design you could every find. It had to be triangular in shape of which I was so sure even not knowing its advantages.

So I went around woods to collect bamboos which was not that difficult. The place where I use to live was a decent quarter provided by the office where my father worked, and there were lots of families living nearby. It was a small and healthy society and a lot of children to hang around with. But mostly I was on my own. The picture on side was taken at the time, when I was a big fan of Star Trek and forced my mummy to take the picture of me carrying paper guns and paper badge on my belt. :D

So once I had the bamboo, I tore down long sheets of plastics which I found in the store house of my home. I use to have tough time getting permission from my mother. A little kid trying to fly on his own is not something that can be encouraged :). But my parents rarely objected me from doing anything. I had my own space to play around. I would do all sort of things like I would wander collecting leaves and naming them, sometime I would collect rare stamps. :) It was all fun. But my mummy never let me collect stones, she was very much against bringing foreign materials inside the house. But whenever I sneaked stones in my room, the other day I would find all gone. I would stomp around the house but mummy would not melt down. :)

Well by the noon time, I had everything around me and I was busy bending bamboos and tying the joints. Getting such things done was never a problem, I had seen my grandfather make amazing bamboo baskets and my grandmother make amazing carpets and stuff out of left out materials. Hence making things was in my gene I would say. Plus, my uncle was a great craftsman who would make amazing stuff out of paper and my father himself had often made a cricket bat, snooker sticks :) out of woods and kites to fly around. Mother had hard time calling me for the lunch :). But I would hurriedly go back to my work and start finishing my project. By the evening, everything was ready. The glider almost more than twice that of my size was ready and I was all happy and smiley for my success. So what was next.

Off-course I had to have my audience for the final demonstration. My audience were the same kids around the place, in front of whom I jumped with an umbrella :). So every one stood by to see me take a flight. Hahaha I love the feeling of remembering those times of utter joy where it was not about any status quo or success, it was about simply doing it and seeing if it could work. I even remember one Saturday going every where carrying a muddy water. I had read in my science class that when a muddy water is placed in a bottle, each particle would settle according to its weight. So I asked my father if that was possible, as my father is majored in soil science there was no way for me to go anywhere else for the reference. So he helped me add muddy water on a bottle and left me with it. So I carried it along the entire day showing off to the kids around. :D I even remember the other kid carrying a bug in a small box and showing it to me. His father was from the Entomology section.
Source :
We use to live in the midst of agriculture research center, you can imagine the place we were living in. It was a living research center with high and low lands with fields, trees, and nurseries. Our place was surrounded by small walls made of bamboos. So I planned to jump off the bamboo wall. It had height enough for me to give flight and protect from strong crash landing. By the time I was ready for the flight, I really had no expectation if I was going to be successful or not, there was no pressure, it was just fun. I think in lot of ways, I still retain those characteristics of being very open to the end result. So here I was with hand made glider, rough and tough. It was already getting dark so I made the move as quickly as possible and made the jump :).

Picture of Pakhribas from Facebook group page.
The picture above is how I still remember the place I spent my childhood. What you are seeing is the front view of the research center with offices and tennis court. My place was somewhere at the top among the midst of clouds.

What happened? Well I crash landed and sprained by ankle a little but not that seriously. I had a full grin on my face for achieving it and all my audience was laughing and having fun. Kids can laugh about anything. But during my jump, I did manage to gain a flight, a true flight that lasted for micro-seconds but I felt it through my heart. It really filled my heart with joy and gave me the belief that it was possible to fly. The experience was real no matter how long it lasted. I was on the air, master of the flight for at least few seconds and that was enough for me.

Off-course, the only thing I feared then was getting beating from my mummy. :) The night was over and the show had ended. I abandoned the left debris  from my flight and entered the house. A yet another day had ended but full of adventure and experience, which was sure to be etched in my memory for a long time. Now I remember those times and feel happy about it. I still try to make everyday count in some ways by doing things that gives me a full experience of being in control. I think I never stopped doing so and will never. Everyday is yet another day for me to experiment with my logic and make yet another glider and take for a flight.

Apr 2, 2011

The Art of Story Telling

Hayao Miyazaki

Here I am going to write about one director who have absolutely taken me by my heart and soul. His name is Hayao Miyazaki, a Japanese animator who have produced one of the most fascinating series of animations, but more properly I would tell he is one of the best story teller that I was seen.

His animations are not just figures and shapes moving but a manifestation of a story which is larger than life. The first movie that I saw of his was "The Spirited Away". Before this I had watched other Japanese animations but they were more into actions and adventures. But this was completely different, I think I was lucky to have watched it.

The story line of "The Spirited Away" was magnificent and out of the box. The experience it set was unquestionable. There was nothing in the movie which sounded cheap or pretentious. You could easily notice the thoughtfulness and the passion gone into making the movie. After that I started watching his more movies. Till date, I found that he has made nine movies and after having watched all of that, it got me into thinking that there is a place for soulful movies and stories and not all the world is full of crap :)). Yupe you can find lots of movie making business out of selling their soul in the movie for the sake of viewers. But once in  a while, a good movie, a good story, a good book fills you heart with love for the life like nothing else.

So what is so important about the story telling which is unique? I think its the love for life, if you see all the movies of Miyazaki, you won't fail to notice the passion to life, he brings to his stories. From a humble Kiki's Delivery service where a simple girl is just trying to run her small delivery service to a complex world of ghosts and demons in The Spirited Away where a girl fights her way.

I could not help to notice that all the leading characters are female full of courage and passion. I think that means a lot to him. But I found that most of the Japanese Animations have similar strong story telling in their movies. The other one movie which I found strange and strong story was "Grave of the Fireflies"

These strong movies have also made me think that lot of stories and movies being made in leading movie studios don't share similar passion for the art of story telling and they are very rare. May be its not the choice of the mass, but anyone who watches movies for passion rather than entertainment would understand the point that I am making.

Well, I really don't have any ending to this post rather than encouraging you all to watch it :) And do comment below if you have found similar passion of the art of story telling. So this is what I think Life is about : Discovering beautiful and interesting things and sharing with the world for good. 

Apr 1, 2011

Simple Rule of Success

Simple Rule of Success. Passion. I won't argue and I won't justify. Its there for everyone to understand.

You read hundreds of books, watch thousands of movies and read millions of blog, but the fact is not going to change.

There was one old Archie's comic strip which I remember reading. When Archie asks Dilton, "How to pass an exam?" Dilton replies, "Just Study." And I think that was well put.

But people are lazy by nature and are always looking for hacks in their lives and many people are ok with living their life that way.

But if you are truly looking for success coming from within and unpretentious, then its passion. Look every genuine winners around and you will find that they had something unique to offer with their passion to gain in real terms and not in terms of hacks.

Mar 17, 2011

Building a Business is like Writing a Novel.

First question! Have you ever tried writing a Novel? You should because it will teach you to think from different perspective. I had written one when I was in college, and it took me more than a year to complete the story. I was trying to narrate a story around an adventurous journey which I and my good friends had undertaken. It was easy, in a sense that I was aware of the story and had some knowledge about the characters that I was trying to describe. But within those time period, I went through lots of ups and downs which were affecting my story line and my characters. This was happening unknowingly and I seemed to have no control over it.

While writing and describing one character I would unknowingly portray the character as something else I had no clue of. Somehow the story had its own life and it was urging me to change things. This was a strange and a beautiful feeling.

Now what has it to do with building a business? When you start your company for the first time, you are unaware of the characters and their nature. You are unaware of the story and its climax. You are just finding your ways and the only way to figure things out is to make decision and move ahead. You make wrong decisions and you sometime get lucky. But that is how you learn. Similar to the writing experience, the experience around building a company in a way changes you and your perspective.

When you start with nothing but a passion to do something, you are unaware of the market forces and the eco-system. The eco-system is even not visible to you at the beginning. It unfolds itself slowly and sometime painfully. At every instance, you just need to have faith and that’s all. Even the characters in the eco-system are undefined. You are always on the dark side unable to make quick decision due to the lack of visibility. But as time passes by you begin to see the eco-system opening itself to you. This happens when you have built enough credibility in the market. Now when you begin to see the entire eco-system unfold, there are two things that can happen. Either it will be something that you predicted or it will be entirely different. But you can always move on and that’s the whole beauty.

Novel is also similar. You start with fresh characters and with time they mature to reveal their true identity giving whole story a shape and climax. Even in writing, either you end up writing exactly what you wanted or something entirely different.

At the heart of building business are the people. You are always affecting people and their ways of living. To introduce your-self to already existing market needs much more than just passion. You have to seriously justify your existence and your value to the society. In case of failure to show your value, you are sure to be lost in the crowd of that 99% failure list. This is why the failure rate of entrepreneurship is so high. It’s very difficult to find people working to add value to the society.

Each story has main characters that are leading the way. Each eco-system has a leader that is leading the way. If you want to survive than you will have to justify against these leaders. If your eco-system is healthy one than you will have helpful leaders otherwise, you are literally on war. But I think it doesn’t always have to be this way.

Value is the key to sustainable business or company. Absence of value can only take you so far, value is the one that will define your space on the Global Market. Similarly each novel has a story that defines the life, in absence of this definition story has no meaning at all.

Just check out my other post which I had written some year back. Fearful Consumer Market.

Mar 8, 2011

Importance of Free Information

I have never been a die hard FOSS guy. I don't even remember attending any FOSS conferences or joining a FOSS community. But as an observer, I deeply value its presence and its motive. FOSS is about freedom in information and its owner ship to the audience. Allowing users to have complete control over the information fosters innovation and provides better opportunities.

The freedom in information does not only means source code or design blueprints, but every aspect of knowledge. Knowledge has to be shared freely and openly to public. Here, I am not pointing to wiki leaks phenomenon or other piracy issues, but simply the openness of valued information.

I remember getting fully excited during my A levels , when I heard that MIT will be sharing their lecture videos and materials to the public under the name of Open Course. As I was deeply interested in learning more about science and technology, I thought this was the greatest news. It meant I no longer had to beg for knowledge. It gave me huge opportunity to explore the horizon of science without being restricted or questioned. I believe every form of education has to be that way, unrestricted.
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Prior to this news, I use to visit British Councils and other libraries in search of good books and envied the pricing tags it use to bear. I hated being unable to own them and access the knowledge. Often I would borrow books and take home to study. I would then spend hours coping the content of the book into my thick notebook, just to make sure I owned it. I think I still have those notebooks, where I drew every figures and charts in the book. It gave me sense of ownership which I enjoyed a lot.

Now I try to trace my childhood and remember that I had done similar activities when I was in grade 3/4. I had borrowed a story book from my friend to read. Because I enjoyed the story so much, I decided to copy the whole story in my notebook in beautiful handwriting :). It was a story of "The Story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears".

This brings me to say that knowledge should not be a privilege but a right to everyone. No one in this world should be valued based on their basic knowledge. In this I don't mean that every companies need to share their secret chemicals. I mean to say that, any kind of information that deprives human from extensive knowledge benefiting a single identity needs to be challenged and shared freely.

There is more I want to share about my thoughts on the fabric of economy and how it can be disrupted by information. But for this post, I simply wanted to give a perspective on the need of free information.

Mar 2, 2011

Creative Desire

One of the difficulty of being creative is not being able to conform with the surrounding. Almost every thing around you starts to become an extension of yourself. Every living and non-living things become a part of you and you try to make sure that it is the part of your conscious extension. An urge which pushes you to define your surrounding space.

Some people say that Artist is born with an ego which is unsatisfiable. This ego does not have any rule and boundaries and is very moody in its nature. It has no value proposition to the society. It simple exist within the realm of ego of an Artist. You can see the example everywhere in the history of creativity from Leonardo to modern artists. It is the only think which I have found that defines an Artist, in a good way.

But this urge to define your space can be a frustrating experience when it does not conform with your command. I don't know why this urge is so strong among creative people. It simply doesn't obey the rules and breaks the boundary of thoughts. It simply stands as the only reason to be living and this can be very troublesome, sometime. But I think you should never doubt your creative urges and move along with.

Many creative people living among us has a very hard time fitting into the realm of life, but I see everyone living for only their extension. Its like trying to do everything just to save your identity. It may be not the only helplessness of creative people but also to some extent nature of general human being.

Feb 26, 2011

Social Media and Artistic Integrity

Suddenly, I am starting to feel that there is some sense of freedom among artists in today’s society. This I realised after I observed the trends in YouTube and other social networking channels where creative people were freely expressing themselves without any need of mediator.

Artists are always known for their eccentricity and individualism. Their ego defines their works of art and that is what people around love the most. But in between the artists and people, there were always critics and mass media who defined the image of the artists. These mediators were people benefiting from the whole game. Though not all are as bad as I am making them sound :)

But the reality is that platforms and media always had a control over making or breaking an artist and they still do. Publishers always control the content of the book and records label always control the content of the music. Because behind this whole setup is a big business model running. There is nothing good or bad about it, it’s just the way it is. But there has always been an independent group of artists revolting this whole system.

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For example, along the line of mainstream cinema you can always find independent films breaking the norms of main stream culture and similarly garage bands breaking the trends of posed culture by main line music industry. But look around you today, you will find that nothing can stop these artists from reaching out to people.

There are free platforms for people to share their creativity and earn from them. Hence I feel that power to control the creative work is going back to the creator rather than to distributors. But it’s not that there was never any freedom before. But it took a lot of effort for creators to control their work.

Recently, Paulo Coelho, author of alchemist, told in his interview that he sold his recent books all through twitter and facebook and without any kind of promotional activities in main media. I think that is very encouraging for artists. Also youtube is full of self made artist doing great in their walk of life. This proves that a true and genuine artist always have a place in the world.

But why did I put the title as Social Media and Integrity? Well integrity is something that is very much the only assets of artists, as far as I am concerned. So I believe that social media is giving people to think freely and express in any way they like, irrespective of what others have to say. Hence preserving their integrity.

Feb 21, 2011

Destiny over Choice

I think I was born to be an Industrial designer. How do I know? I don't, but I just feel it that way though I am not, yet. In similar ways I could say, I was even born to be an Entrepreneur. But ironically, I never knew about these fields until few years back. This happened cause I stopped the speeding clock of my life. I took off from a steady pitch road started venturing into no man's land. I feel glad that I did.

Everyone is not born with an opportunity to know it all before hand. And not every society has a condition where one can find their destiny. So, I feel glad that I was able to find my dream. To find a thing where you could give all your life, its like finding a love of your life.

My understanding of myself begins with a realization of my interests and my choices. Irrespective of what you have been doing so far, you need to be sure of your likes and dislikes. It takes an immense effort for anyone to choose their choice, I am not able to know why? A wise person have told that you are defined by things that you don't do. There is an immense noise in today's world blocking one from figuring out clearly on what they want to do and don't want to do.

World is certainly a very noisy place and getting through it is the most difficult task of all. From the very beginning, we are told about the right and wrong, and about our moral values, only to be proven wrong latter when the reality hits you hard. Finding factual and authentic information has become difficult with time.

The satisfaction that you receive after reading a good book or watching a good movie or listening to a good music is unparalleled to anything, why? Because no matter what people say and no matter what critics say, good thing always matters. Good thing are never justified, they are just accepted and lived. You find yourself blessed to have found your passion.

So, I am still questioning over this conundrum, the choice of destiny over choice. There is a big difference between flowing along the current of a river and walking against it. 

Jan 21, 2011

Design is more about Process

Stumbledupon a good article about Jonathan Ive :

Ive's team at Apple isn't the usual design ghetto of creativity that exists inside most corporations. They work closely and intensely with engineers, marketers, and even outside manufacturing contractors in Asia who actually build the products. Rather than being simple stylists, they're leading innovators in the use of new materials and production processes. The design group was able to figure out how to put a layer of clear plastic over the white or black core of an iPod, giving it a tremendous depth of texture, and still be able to build each unit in just seconds. "Apple innovates in big ways and small ways, and if they don't get it right, they innovate again," says frog design founder Hartmut Esslinger, who designed many of the original Apple computers for Jobs. "It is the only tech company that does this."
Article : Who Is Jonathan Ive? An in-depth look at the man behind Apple's design magic

The day I dreamt of becoming someone

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