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Entrepreneurship I

This time I am asking a very difficult and an important question to myself. Being an Electronic Engineer, I have a strong inclination to technology and innovation. But when I look around, in my country(Nepal), I get disappointed. I rarely see innovations happening.

Then a very important question arises- Where are we all heading towards? What are our priorities and how are we planning to achieve them, not as an individual but as a country.

Since my childhood, I have been told that the strength of our country lies in its Agriculture, Water Resources and Tourism. But are we the leaders in the above field? Do we dominate the world in those fields and the answer is NO. Am I asking for these changes too early? I fear that these may be our illusions to keep the hope around. I also use to hear, "Nepal ko dhan Hariyo Ban", which means "Green Forests are the riches of Nepal". But its been ages, that I have not heard it being said. Some how, those riches are lost. Are we sure that these few left strengths will not disappear in the similar fashion.

Every year, thousands of engineers, scientists and doctors graduate from colleges. Where do all of them land in their life? I myself cannot justify my position. Are we all only the job seekers? Are we all machines, waiting to serve? I assume not, so why is there less innovations, and if there are any that I am not aware of it then, where are they? I have myself ,struggled to find one. In a bigger picture, we are lagging in the field of innovations. We do not own any ideas or innovations of which we can be proud of. I was shocked to find out that, we even don't have any rights over some particular vegetation which is so truly ours. I must say but we are losing the right of claiming our identity. Is this where we are heading?

I want to say, some how disappointingly, that I am not proud of The Everest or The Buddha as, these are not our creation. We are just merely lucky to have them. I do not enjoy these jewels of ours, which is put on us so proudly. I want to be proud of what we can create, what we can deliver. I want to own a technology which is so rightfully ours and not others. We need to be proud of what we are doing and not of what we have, nor of what our ancestors did. Do we have the credentials of achieving this. I want to believe that we have ? Call me a dreamer or stupid child, if you can but I want to believe that we can be leaders in technology and innovation.


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