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Bruce Lee

Yes. Bruce Lee. Remember all the punches and kicks in his all time hits movies. But why am I talking about him. Am I going to talk about his movies? No, I am not.

I am going to say about his philosophies which have been so many times projected in his fighting styles. By the way, he also wrote a book. Many may not know but he had a unique way of thinking about the life and his art of fighting. Let me put forwards his thinking, in my own words.  

He believed in efficiency and rejected any amount of redundancy that affected the performance. He believed that there is no one style which is correct. Everyone has their own unique way and must harness those skills rather waste their time in doing something that is not efficient at all. 

There are many fighting styles carrying their own norms and values. Every style starts by assuming something. But slowly those assumption are taken as a Gospel truth, and people make them into rules which cannot be broken. But, without understanding the key meaning of style and just following the style, blind folded is not right. It's wrong.

Everyone must be able to express in their own way, without any binding. That is what free thinking means, without basing upon any philosophies. Also, the habit of people of categorising themselves causes strain in their thinking, which must not be the case. 

In case of fighting, we all human being has 2 hands and 2 legs, which makes only one way of fighting and no other. He believed that in fighting, you must be able to use every part of your body efficiently as you can and not be restricted by rules or fancy styles. For example, trying to fight like a monkey is not efficient, because you are not monkey, and you have your own way. Once, in his interview he commented that, he could make complicated moves and hit but those complicated moves have not significance in the effect of punch but instead may affect the total potential of punch.

So, what I am tyring to say is that, forget all the rules and regulation and think from the scratch and be free. If you come to the same conclusion like everyone than so it be, but there is lots of chances that you may come with something new.

Make yourself like a water, free and flowing, taking the shape of any vessel that you are put in. Be free in thinking that is what I meant.

Follow the link for further understanding of Bruce Lee's philosophies.


  1. :) I learnt something today :D

  2. thanks, that is a huge compliment.

  3. I have always been a Bruce Lee fan. I feel like trying his philosophy now, shall I kick someone hhehe, just kidding, nice post.

  4. even I was unaware of his personalities, until I saw his interviews and read about his life and philosophies... do u know, bruce less was a student of Philosophy in University?

  5. Really? he was such a hardworking guy. Master of perfection. I saw his documentary in BBC, it was very inspiring. Hmmm no one can play nunchaku like him. (expression eyes wide-open).


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