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Data Visualisation

I have been talking about analysis and all the ways in which it can been done. Read the data. Manipulate the data. Apply the statistical tools to the data. And Then finally analyse it. But what do you think is the most important things when most of the numerical processing has been done. Hmmm. Graphs! Charts! and all the Graphical Tools.

Yes. That is what I find the most interesting part. When finally all your  hard work in numbers come to live in the pictures. As it is said : Pictures speak more than the word. So, I am going to list most of the powerful visualisation tools that will take your data into the next heights. 

This looks very highly sophisticated visualisation tools totally based on the research. Its mainly a high-end analytics.

This is one of the most popular and great software, popular among the engineers. It has a great visualisation tools. Further, it is more than just a graphical tool. It embeds almost many engineering system designing issue like Control System, Signal Analysis etc.

SAS is one of the most powerful Statistical Analysis Tools having all the necessary mathematical tools and visualisation. Though too costly, its an asset for any analytics company. 

It is a great visualisation software. If you go through its presentation slide, it will low your mind, with how much you can do just by clicking.

Well, these are few among the many. Ya I know, my choices have been very biased. I have not listed from other sectors like GIS (Geographical Information System) , which is related to meteorological and other geographical related information. I also have not listed on Scientific Research based Information  for Signal Analysis, System Analysis etc.   

In my view, Data Visualisation is a field with very promising future. With so much of information available in the Internet, people are confused on how to make best use of it. In future we will see more innovation in this technology. 


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