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Richard Feynman

A child in a man. That is the best description that I can give. Richard Feynman is one of the most celebrated physicts and one of the very few people that have inspired me to Think. His way of life was simple as any. With his inquisitive behaviour and his way of dealing with the problem and solving it with impeccable accuracy, he was known to be a magician rather then a scientist. 

He was also considered to have a unique mind of all times. A mind that was free from bindings of society. There is a book called "Surely, you are joking. Mr. Feynman". It a book about his stories of life. It is very interesting to go into one of these great minds, and understand them. 

But, what's so interesting about his life is the fight he fought against the society's way of thinking. That is what I see the most important aspect of his life. The reason I am writing about him is to introduce this great mind which must not be gone unnoticed. Instead of me speaking about him and his theories, I prefer, the readers explore it on their own.

Hope, you enjoy his stories. It is something that any young mind must go through once.



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