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The truth is NOT out there, its here.

As I was graduating, my professor use to smile and say ... prepare for the real world. I wondered what he meant by that. I didn't understand this whole concept of the real world. But I think, I know now, as I am in the so called the Real World.

So read my hypothesis and logic that I follow: Please bare with me.

No one knows why the hell we are here for. (Everyone knows this, right.)

So scientist, philosophers and all the researchers are searching for it. The Ultimate Answer. Yup, they are given the job of finding answers. There are ways of inciting them to do it. Believe me.

Meanwhile, we all need to exist. And the race must go on. Remember, we still don't have any answers.

Off course to exist, we need to get married and have children. So we have ways of inciting young minds to fall in love and get married. Great.

But, how on earth are Elders or so called Elites of the Society going to answer to all the questions of new generation, coz they are also conscious of themselves. Isn't it?

So here comes the great part or the great ACT........ All the elders then designed a method of answering the questions. They called it EDUCATION. In every Grade, we were told that the lesson from the previous grade is wrong and that what we are reading now is more correct. Damn..

Adding more to it, they kept young minds busy with EXAMS, HONOURS and DEGREES...which really have no purpose......they say.....more degree more answer. Bullshit. :)

So children think...... Ok elders must be right....... Only few break those glasses of rules, after which some get frustrated, while some come out strong and live a life. Hmm.

So the truth is that we all are just making ourselves feel good, about ourselves and living and wondering about this life. Hoping we will have answers to our existence.

Meanwhile, we have Wars that will make us busy, we have disease to worry about, we have Celebrities to look at and laugh at them, we have protest to keep ourself excited. Overall we have us. And yes, we also have Aliens, the other us.

Here, I am trying to come out strong. And I tell about this theory of mine, to my good old pal, and guess what he tells.

He tells me do you know- Quarter Life Crisis.

And I go damm, they even have devised an answer to my reasoning..You see these elders are very SMART. :) Be aware of them.

You see, that is why the Professor smiled at me when he told me this Real World Crap. He knew it. So do I and I smile too. :)

Here: Read this other post that I wrote a long time back. Expectation.


  1. Quarter life crisis is more the description of the problem than the answer. But yea, realization of the problem is sometimes the answer.

  2. Ya it is. may be mine was the answer or done know the realization that such problem actually exist.

  3. My friend, you do not stand alone in this realm of thinking beyond the immediate to see the shrouded true world, clouded by the myths and stereotypes of this world. We do see this vanity in this system. The system is corrupt, right from the birth through your education years then to family institution system and old age and to death, this system is the problem. This is compromising our freedom, it is binding us in chains.
    To break free, we have to break free from this education. As Robert Pirsig has said in his book "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance", 'education is the most orthodox form of mass hynotism."
    People like you and I have to come to realize this, it will be long though before we will revolt and break free from this slavery, from this system.


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