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Little Happiness

Just downloaded one statistical code to run in SAS. It was the simplest code of all. Just read the data from the file and store in the data set of the SAS. After pondering over it for a long time, I could not understand one particular line of the code: didn't know what it was, so went thinking about it.

After hours of digging, I understood that the code, just created an automatic variable, which was incremented each time and kept storing its value in each new record. After that, I tried my own tiny experiment. I created a simple array of data from 1 to 100 with one column and 100 records. I implemented a simple 'if' statement that did the trick.

With tired fingers, I hit F3 to run. It worked. You can only imagine how happy I was, the internal satisfaction that I received was more than any thing else. It brought a big smile in my face and in my heart. phew!! I said and looked at the code. Its was only 4 lines. It was neither a joke nor any love message. It was an expression my intelligence. 

That was my little happiness. Don't know why we all get so satisfied with these things. But I cannot deny the amount of satisfaction we get.  


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