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Aspect of Form and Design

Design is an adaptation of features into form - be it anywhere. There two types of form which comes to my mind- one is with features and the other is without features. Now, you may say what is the difference between these two things? But it is the very difference which takes my thoughts from being practical to highly philosophical.

If you look around yourselves, you will find that everything has a form. Starting from your own hands - five fingers in each hands with specific reasons. The shape of chair you sit on, the brush you use to brush your teeth, the mobile you use to communicate and so on. All these human made forms are designed with every aspect of solving a problem.

On the other hand, there are certain forms which are featureless and don't solve any problems. Music and Art are one of these areas which I am referring too. Music is a form of your emotions and its an expression of your thoughts, similar goes to your art. But what is the whole purpose of these form?

Cymatic is a particular field of study that is trying to bring the visual form to sound. But what purpose would that form provide, beside the visual pleasure. Like energy, form can be converted from one to other. If you look into these images than you will find that these images find itself into a fractal community - the subject of randomess and chaos. I told you earlier that this is a featureless form or you can say in other words a pure form.

Nature in itself is a manifestation of energy into form, but for what purpose. But every natural form are efficient and beautiful at the same time. What triggers you when you look into these forms below.

Orderness, isn't it? Finding an impeccable order into chaos really triggers our inner self and makes us feel something strange. Millions of people confined in a limited space have resulted in a complex and yet organised society is an order in chaos. Our own economic system which is highly complicated in itself is an order in chaos. Similarly, our universe is an order in chaos.

Chaos is something we cannot comprehend, therefore even if its a randomly scattered stars in night, we have delicately grouped each one and have defined them. Its not only to define form but also create forms that we live to.

The theory of form and design is not limited to shapes and sizes but also to the ideology. Each one of us have their own view and thus there is a conflict between different ideology - this is chaos. That is why there is war which tries to bring this whole chaotic ideology into one form - one freedom, one democracy.

Every conversion between form requires a huge struggle - war is one of them. In case of practical problem solving its the struggling in the mind which tries to make sense of the chaos and bring out the solution. Problem solving in itself in an art of finding order in chaos - be it any problem.

Though the featureless forms introduces many philosophical problems, their importance cannot be undermined. But every form or design must be solving certain delicate problems be it building a house or painting your thoughts. Art may be the form or solution to the chaotic mind of ours.


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