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Being an Artist and Being an Entrepreneur is almost similar

Most people flock to big cities to pursue their dreams and struggle for years. Some people succeed but many still find themselves waiting for the opportunities. They consider that opportunity is the biggest thing that can actually leverage their talent or skill. But I believe that it is not always so.

There are couple of examples that proves that opportunity along is not everything. Moreover in today’s media hyped world, opportunities are everywhere from a reality TV shows to your own youtube channel, twitter account or facebook profile.

If you look around in youtube, there are lots of artists doing great with their skills and scaling them to offline. This gives a lot of encouragement to all those people who want to pursue their passion. But there is a reality beyond pursuing your dreams that everyone considers once in a while. It’s how far you can take yourself with what you have. Most people get stuck on it and lose their passion in mid way, and some people simply cannot go beyond what they already have.

Take examples of hundreds of reality shows winners and contestants who were given the lime light exposure through grandiose celebration. Most are not even there in the industry and some have wandered away, and some have simply disappeared. I am not really the greatest fans of reality shows but they have their pros and cons. But at the end, all those participants for whatever reasons they competed starts to make no sense. Along the path of life, all the opportunity and exposure goes into nothing. I think, they become unable to push themselves, or they realise that it’s not only about opportunity or exposure, it’s about honestly and perseverance. And it takes hell lot of time to become what you really wanted to be.

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So I have been wondering what it takes to make that jumps which takes you to the next level. Entrepreneurs also fall into similar category. They start with some idea and work very hard to seek opportunity and exposure. Along the way, they fail and some move along, some take another chance and some just disappears. It takes a lot to work on your ideas and to shape them into the existing industry. It doesn’t matter, if you are trying to create a new industry or market, or be part of an industry, the work is equally challenging.

Most entrepreneurs, similar to an artist cannot push themselves out of where they already are and get hindered by their own limitation. If we look into great artists, you will notice that they always make a jump to something different and take risk to fail. To explore ones horizon is very important for artists, because they are always in constant pressure to create something different. No artist has become successful by just making one masterpiece. It’s the continuum of those master pieces and variety which takes them to their status. This is true even for entrepreneurs; great entrepreneurs are always pushing the envelope and innovating to reach that extreme end. Some fail, but its always worth taking a risk.

So my final note is that, to be what you want to be, you have to scale up and see the bigger picture and keep struggling. Coz the goal is not always to reach where you want to, but to make sure that every day is a worthwhile to live for. Even after more than 2 years of my experience in entrepreneurship, I may not have reached where I want to and I may have failed in many ways, but every day was worth living for and making sure that it continues that way is I think the biggest challenge.Most people query me, why entrepreneurship, I mean you are a graduated engineer? And honestly, for me I see no difference between engineers and entrepreneurs, for me both stands for someone trying very hard to create something and innovate everyday.

No great movie director rests on their previous movie; he/she is continually working on the next great things. No great musician stop making music coz they think they have had it, they explore till they die. No great writers stop writing coz they think they have succeeded. No scientist stop thinking, they are continually jumping from one problem to other. And no creative entrepreneurs stop experimenting with ideas, they keep exploring till they can. Not to settle is hard and a choice has to be made. It’s always up to us to decide if we want to reach the dream.


  1. good views.... need to utilize our mind to the optimum level till we can make sure that we have reached the limit.....

  2. Thanks the comment. @Soul Society.. we have to strive for it at least.

  3. Hmm I really like this post, the starting makes a lot of sense to me. I'm also stuck here in this city of limelight, opportunities, £ everywhere, but I'm still running for that thing which I don't see. Anyways, I don't regret anything but I live my life to the fullest. To keep up with FAME is a difficult task, thats why may be these celebrities made by reality TV show just disappears after some time.
    So what will you create if given opportunity?

  4. Thanks.. for me.. I would try my best to create something beautiful and valuable which will inspire more people to create :) Combination of Arts and Technology.. thats my passion.


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