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What are your goals in 2013?

Its almost an end of January 2013, and I feel like I need to re look at my goals for the year. On my last year's post I had mentioned that new year is always important because it gives people a reason to look back and make new plans. Further, its also the only occasion where millions of people decide to make a change within themselves. It gives hope and new energy to start fresh. Hope in all its form is the last and the best medicine for many problems.

I personally feel that 2013 is going to be a critical one and an important one. Its the year when all the dots are going to align themselves. And I can for real, check if last few years of my life made any sense. And check if all the dots indeed do connect.

And for all, I hope to write more. Among many pending projects writing more is in one of the top priority and I should be pursuing it more. Besides this, there are few interesting things on the pipeline which is exciting. They should be pouring down in my blog soon..


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