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Capturing the Voice: Social Media

What if you could capture your every voice and your every status of mind? For example, everyday, we talk and think of different ideas. Wouldn't it be interesting to- you know - go through them at some time in your life, like a movie or something. Many concepts regarding recording your life has been portraited in the Hollywood screens.  We are continuously expressing ourselves, and all that is being permeated in this universe. Some how if we could capture each individuals voice it would be very interesting. Today, it just occurred to me that, may be we have such things in our service. I was going through my old Twitter Post and Facebook Post, somehow I could feel my presence on it. Every thing being written on the blog or posted in Twitter and Facebook, is my voice, isn't it? All the comments on my friends' photo are the conversation between my friends which has been captured. All our characteristics have been imprinted on it. As if, we are living on it.  I know these are th

Wolfram is NOT Google

There I was going through a magazine. As I was flipping the pages, a complex looking image caught my eye. Underneath it was written:  The much anticipated computing engine Wolfram Alpha will be officially launched on 18 May.  Suddenly, it struck to me, ya its this new search engine they are talking about in the Internet. Hmm. Getting all excited I started googling it. Soon I was buried into reading blogs and reviews from the people. After an hour, I found out that its barely anything like Google, its not even a search engine.  So what is it? They were calling it a computational knowledge . Wait a minute, how do you compute a knowledge. Knowledge is the facts and figures, and logical understanding of this universe and society that we have earned. How can it be calculated?  There were few facts I found interesting: 1. Wolfram does not have database of web pages like Google does. 2. Wolfram neither has the resources of knowledge like Wikipedia has. So, on what basic does it calculate the