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The Jackal and The Grapes

Its a moral story and like all the moral stories, it takes a life time for people to understand what it means. Here is one story about a jackal and the grapes, that I remembered. I had heard it when I was a child. I started pondering upon it again, and did a little thinking and thought experiment into it. Here is how it went: Old one : Jackal is trying to eat the grapes from a tree but he can't reach the branches so he tells his friends (hiding his disappointment), " You know, I could have reached there, but the grapes are really sour. " But its not only one situation, I have found a new one: New one : Jackal is trying to eat the grapes from a tree, he jumps for hours and finally reaches the branch and eats the grapes. But the grapes turns out to be sour. So he tells his friend (hiding his disappointment), "Oh my god, its the sweetest grapes I have ever tasted. Yummy .. " Well what do you make out of these stories? I will end with this last one, chose your favo

Little Happiness

Just downloaded one statistical code to run in SAS. It was the simplest code of all. Just read the data from the file and store in the data set of the SAS. After pondering over it for a long time, I could not understand one particular line of the code: didn't know what it was, so went thinking about it. After hours of digging, I understood that the code, just created an automatic variable, which was incremented each time and kept storing its value in each new record. After that, I tried my own tiny experiment. I created a simple array of data from 1 to 100 with one column and 100 records. I implemented a simple 'if' statement that did the trick. With tired fingers, I hit F3 to run. It worked. You can only imagine how happy I was, the internal satisfaction that I received was more than any thing else. It brought a big smile in my face and in my heart. phew!! I said and looked at the code. Its was only 4 lines. It was neither a joke nor any love message. It was an expression

New Communication

I have got nothing to share, neither anything to tell. I have no thoughts neither any views. I have no reason neither any goals. Here I am, just giving my fingers an exercise of a day. Fingers moving up and down, eyes following the moving cursor in my laptop and brain pumping a THINK tank. Lets blog, I say to myself. Haven't been writing anything. Not cause I am busy or that I have no time. I simple have nothing to blog. With the SOCIAL MEDIA hype and all people going nuts. I am just lost. People these days want to say a lot in just few words.... I guess we call it tweeting . The words are getting shorter and the feelings are getting lost... That is what I feel most of the time but may be its a changing world. A new world, where communication is something entirely different. This made be remember one term its called "NewSpeak", a term used by George Orwell in his book 1984 . If you have read the book or know about it. What this New Speak, is something similar to the New

A New World

So the 2009 has started. With all the hopes and new energy, people all over the world is hoping that the recent crisis comes to an end. The new hope, is called OBAMA in the west. The name that has been resonating in every one's mind. The ultimate hope. The change we need is here, we remind ourselves. So do I, but in a different way. In personal ground, a lot has already changed within me and around me. A change in field, a change in perspective and a change in whole faith over a life. The year 2009 has started for me, with my serious venture to opening a Decision Management company. That was strange but an appropriate choice for me, which was fueled by my keen interest in the field of analytics. The story starts from different people struggling in their own field and finally meeting in a point. A point which I call "The Turning Point". But why am I really writing these things, who would really want to hear a story that has not even started properly. Its not " A GOOG