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Good Ad Versus Bad Ad

At InRev , for past few days we have been working on our new project. The project is about collaborative blogging, from the blogger around the world. As Bhupendra and I have been blogging for long time, with his immense experience, our team has been working to revamp the globalthoughtz and create a new blogging experience. In this site, we are planning to add a section where people can add their advertisement. We thought lets start by our own :), with already so many products on the line, it was obvious. So there goes an effort to create a small 128 px by 128 px logo. If you are a designer, you know that designing is a very time consuming process. For hours, you just test around with colors. Remember there are 256 X 256 X 256 combination of colors!! Its hard job selecting one. Lets start with F-Cube : In short F-cube is a Free Economic Reporting Site. Let me exhibit some Ad made for it and its pros and cons. (Please don't click on the image. Wait till the end. Thank You) OK, h

NOT Customer Loyalty

Its odd to have such an odd title. By that, I am trying to address one issue that we face regarding the customer's loyalty and their expectation from us. We have always argued about the need for providing better services to the loyal customer and bringing new businesses. Here, I will try to put a scenario where you need to chose between the loyalty and profit. Ok, lets go. Imagine. Just imagine, you own a small restaurant. You have nominal profit and everything is going fine. You have regular customers who visit you regularly. Life's going fine and you have no complains. Then one day. The day is pleasant, weather is just right and its a fresh start for your business. Some groups of tourist visit your restaurant and orders some food. You are delighted by the mass and by the luck. Suddenly you realise that food stock is small. It is going to be difficult for you to cater all of them. You order your cook to make more. The new visitors orders more. The consumption increases and you

What is Social Media?

View more presentations from Nvi Interactive strategy . The slide above is really a great way to understand what is social media and how you can benefit from it.

Location of People in Twitter (iPhone)

Recently, I was working on the data of the twitter. I did one interesting and quite simple thing. I took the list of the location people were using in there profile and fed it to one of the available online tool called ( ). Guess what I got? I found that majority of people on twitter seem to be using iPhone. May be it was obvious, but to see it through data was quite a taste. The size of the population used is 31691 .

Why Twitter is famous?

For past few days, I have been wondering why twitter is so famous. Is it the micro-blogging? Is it the list of unknown friends that excite us? Is it the fun of shouting and listening to the world? Or is it like playing god, by having so many followers? I mean what is it that is so exciting and keeps you all day tweeting? Only few days back, I wrote on the distribution of Tweets with respect to Followers. Right now, I am working on population distribution and its very interesting to see what is happening. Here are few of my thoughts on people at twitter. Source of image above. There are many small groups of people, who enjoy tweeting to each other and updating their status to inform others. These are people with close relationship and their tweet rate is very high.   Other category is the news channel, this works in the similar ways like media on the real world. They keep updating people with news and twitter seems to be doing good in increasing the traffic to their site. People say th

Free Economic Reports

                  "Information is King." Have you heard of the above statement?  Hmm .... Actually, its pretty obvious. If you have the information then you can make accurate and unbiased judgement, on the subject matter. Beside all kinds of data, economic data is very important from the perspective of its market value, as well as human value. Every decisions and policies made by the government depend upon the current economic scenario, which off course can only be known by the data collected by the survey .  Lets see a simple case: You wake up early in the morning. Get yourself a hot cup of tea. Open the door. Get the newspaper. Read the front page and you see: " The price of Oil has rose up 10%!!! " " The farmers in so and so country are facing the draught. The food commodities price has increased." " 100 employees sacked from XYZ Company." How do you react? If you are analyst, you may shout to your wife, "I told you, this was going to


Its been more than months since the launch of the TwitIn , and we are already getting excessive hits per day. That's awesome for a start. The tool has been getting a huge response from the twitter users and other web experts. It is a great feeling and we are hoping to bring a better service and innovation through it.  There were many obstacle to be faced, but each difficulties made the application more better and stable. But, like all the tools and software  and hell lot of technology out there, there is one thing that you have to understand, that is learning to use it efficiently and productively. If you don't then its useless. So let me explain what buzzom is?   BUZZOM  is a word which identifies itself with the buzz on the social media. It is a place where the online social media meet and where a sense is made out of social activities.  Lets go on then: InRev TwitIn Intro :   This is the main panel of InRev TwitIn . Here you, can see the three most important command that

Twitter Analysis I (Twitin)

Well, this is going to be an interesting post. For some time, InRev team has been very popular in social media through The concept of buzzom (Twitin) is to increase the user experience in social media and understand the market and behaviour of people. We have started with twitter, as it is the most popular social media . With increasing number of users and the extending network, it is very difficult to understand how the network is growing and on what basis. To understand the user and the network of twitter, we have started analysing the available data, which has been retrieved by using twitter API . Total record number retrieved = 2598 Some of the records were invalid and had to be rejected using simple filtering method. Now let me explain the above graph. X-axis = Number of followers Y-axis = Number of tweets ( Please click the graph to see a large image. ) The dense spot at the graph shows the place where a normal twitter user are located. These may be mar

What makes a great company?

I have been going through a article at  FORTUNE magazine, regarding the best company to work. There are interesting information provided regarding the top companies. To start lets just see which companies are at the top in this year: 1.     NetApp 2.     Edward Jones 3.     Boston Consulting 4.     Google 5.     Wegmans 6.     Cisco 7.     Genentech 8.     Methodist Hospital 9.     Goldman Sachs 10.   Nugget Market Do you want to know on which basis these companies at ranked at top position. I will just list some of the points which makes these companies great. I had to do some text mining to collect these points.  1.  Egalitarian culture 2.  Down-to-earth management ethos 3.  Increased recruitment of minorities 4.  First-class health insurance 5.  Never had a layoff. 6.  Receive performance bonuses 7.  Implementation of retention bonuses and severance  8.  Focusing on collaborative efforts to give employees more say in decision-making Well these are the very few points that I

Business Intelligence

These days every system is getting smarter. Smartness is the measure of intelligent decisions. A smart device would mean something that can give decision with precision. Along with hardware and software systems, a business organisation is like a living organisms. Thus, if we start applying  all the rules and conditions of survival of living organism, to a business organisation , then it turns out that it works. Amazing!! (But lets not go into it now. The point I was trying to make is smart decision guarantees survival. )  So, how do we monitor the processes running in an organisation and make a correct decision. I don't want to make a lengthy statement on organisational behaviour, but in short, every business processes needs to be optimized for efficient operations. One way in which it can be done is through the use of  Business Intelligence (BI) Software. In brief, BI is the automation of the long and lengthy human involved processes.  Let see a simple case scenario :   The abov

One Cursor but Two Mouse

Have you ever tried to control your mouse from the mouse pad and the optical mouse at the same time.If you have, then you may know that it is quite close to impossible. The only way to achieve this is, if both the control is in the same direction. In that case its a redundant.  In similar ways, in the management process, if one person is working under different heads then it is impossible to make the person work, or get anything done from him. This is the problem that is faced during improper project management, there are more then one person making decisions. The decision maker has to be one and only one, not more than that. Yes, we can have team to discuss the issue, but the final call has to be made from one person. In similar ways that happen in the court rooms.   The collaborative discussion may be important but the thinking and making any final decision has to be done by one key responsible person. This kind of management makes sure that the decision is taken with due responsibil