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Toward a science of simplicity

George Whitesides talks about the nature of simplicity and how they can be achieved. The conclusion of the presentation resides on making simple, reliable and functional components at cheaper price, so that they can be scalable to support complex systems.

Marshmallow problem and Team Building

Provides a good insight into the product development process and the importance of team building. The main point is that every project has a deadline and a goal. Learning to reach to the goal in an efficient way is aim of every engineers and designers.

The video below shows how different people from different background perform with the test project of building the tallest structure.

Jeremy Brett and Peter Cushing as Sherlock Holmes

If there is any fictional character that I take seriously, than its no other than Sherlock Holmes. I was glad to have read his stories at a very early age. There is so much to say about this amazing consulting detective, through whom I have learnt a great deal about the Art of Problem Solving.

During my adventure with the stories of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. James Watson, I came across a realcharacter who had a tremendous influence on me - Jeremy Brett. Though I have watched other actors portray the legendary Sherlock Holmes. I must say there was no one better than Jeremy Brett.

Though, many might argue with me for many reasons, I stay by my words. I have no rights to compare another legendary actor Peter Cushing with Jeremy Brett. But, I stumbled upon two videos which makes a perfect case for me to point out the energy and the passion Brett brought to the scene.

Below are the two scenes from a same story - The Blue Carbancle. The story is superb and has many elements to it that makes the …