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Design is more about Process

Stumbledupon a good article about Jonathan Ive : Ive's team at Apple isn't the usual design ghetto of creativity that exists inside most corporations. They work closely and intensely with engineers, marketers, and even outside manufacturing contractors in Asia who actually build the products. Rather than being simple stylists, they're leading innovators in the use of new materials and production processes. The design group was able to figure out how to put a layer of clear plastic over the white or black core of an iPod, giving it a tremendous depth of texture, and still be able to build each unit in just seconds. "Apple innovates in big ways and small ways, and if they don't get it right, they innovate again," says frog design founder Hartmut Esslinger, who designed many of the original Apple computers for Jobs. "It is the only tech company that does this." Article :  Who Is Jonathan Ive? An in-depth look at the man behind Apple's design magic

Black Hole of Normality

Black Hole!! A very mysterious element of our universe. Science has it, that it engulfs every existence of mass around it and takes them to singularity. Apparently, singularity is a point in a space where every physical law collapses. But here, I will not delve over the singularity of black hole. Instead I will point you towards the interesting phenomenon of human behavior. Its the black hole of normality. Its a place where every human being is pulled to become normal and insignificant. Its a space where most human being delve into and gets lost into the rules of normality and only few can struggle to come out of it. source : You may be getting my point. If not let me elaborate. Every human being is given an opportunity to do something different and great. I think everyone has that right and opportunity in their life time to act. But some how the black hole of normality pulls them into it to succumb. And yes, I mean to literally succumb. Its a poor dilemma of human

Rejoicing New Year 2011

Well Happy New Year 2011. This New Year is a special in many ways. Numerically, its a beginning of new decade. Secondly its 1/1/11 :) Well I really don't know what to write today but I just had a small thought that could be interesting to share. If you have noticed, there are always few people who basically are pessimistic about the new year celebration. They express there views by saying things like, its just another day which means nothing. But I think people tend to forget that the new year is not just a other day. It is a special one because on that very day, billions and billions of people make a commitment to themselves to start a fresh life. They promise to themselves to do things differently and in a better ways. They resolve their issues in relationships or careers or life and build a strength to move forward. Many people set their past issues aside and move forward. And I think that when billions and billions of people make a commitment to change themselves and st