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Why Predict?

Einstein once argued that it is possible to predict the future outcome, with 100% accuracy, of any event if the initial values of all the variables were known. But its this very particular requirement that makes the task impossible, the task of having to know the values of all the variables. There is a theory contradicting the above statement, and its call Principle of Uncertainty . It states that it is impossible to measure the accurate value of any system. The reason mainly being that the more your try to be accurate, the more you tend to affect the system's parameter. It was mainly argued that this was due to the imperfections in the measuring instrument. No measuring instruments are accurate and this seems to be the undeniable truth. For example, its quite impossible to measure the flow of the river without affect the flow itself. Therefore, many complicated mathematical theorems have been established to predict the values instead of measuring it. But, there is problem with th


Each of us start in a Life with an open mind and a hopeful dream. Some how or the other, as we go along the way, we start focusing on something, something that seems so important to us. I don't know what this thing is, neither do i know its importance. But its true that somehow we start to accept the changes that is going around. Slowly and steadily. Its amazing how people decide what they want to do and how they want to live. We start by learning the basics and go focusing into it for the search of real truth. But somehow it happened opposite for me. In every stage, as I was moving ahead with my education, I started getting more confused. I had more questions than before. Well it happens all the time and to everyone of us. The vision started getting bigger. I started having more subjects as my favourites than before. But normally it doesn't happen this way. Normally we get narrower and narrower in our thought. We keeping branching ourselves and finally end up on the tip of one

Great Expectation

" Mirror O Mirror,  Look at me and tell my future. What is it that I have to be, or to be or not to be." Strangely, its this particular question that boggs me a lot. To be or not to be. I don't know what it means nor do I know if it means any thing. Do I have to be something or nothing?  Since everyone's childhood society keeps checking on your progress. They look at your each move and warns you of so called DANGER. They tell you what to do and what not to do. Do you know why? Because since the begining of the human race, individualism has been nothing but a danger to the society. History justifies that. Know why? Donno myself but it seems its the nature of the society and nothing else.  Society needs balance in their thoughts. It needs to feel secure of it-self cause human race needs to exist and survive the time. It needs to exist forever. Isn't that the whole reason for our growth? We need to exist. But what if one individual rises to question the whole existan

Source and Noise

lets look at the same graph again. But this time, look at each individual curves and you will find something very interesting. Look at how the graph shoots up at the end of each year. This does not happen only for sony but for every other graph. Can you guess why? May be just may be it is because of the new model that appears at the end of each year. Or may be some thing else. The art of analysing goes into not jumping at any conclusion when you don't have enough data. Its good to assume but not be guaranteed about it. So what do you do? Well, instead of making more assumption lets look at more data . You may be correct or totally wrong.  First thing in analysing is knowing that you are looking at the correct graph and that you are comparing the correct things. For example, the four names (dell, sony ,hp,apple) looks very similar, but they aren't. You don't have any mobile phones of hp, as far as I know and neither do dell. So is it right for us to be categorising them i

Space Exploration

Great piece of engineering! How many years did it take for us to reach here. But there is one question that everyone is asking. "Is it worth spending so much on it?" I don't know how much does it cost? Pretty lot. So....should we stop? Hmmm. Imgaine yourself, one fine morning you wake up and find yourself in a deserted island. You look everywhere and you can't find anything that looks like you. Remember Tom Hanks in Cast Away. Well yup pretty much like it. What would you do? First you would see if there is any one. Not finding anyone, you would slowly try to survive in the environment and you may live or die. If you die its the end. But if you are alive what would you do next? Explore! you would explore unless you are lazy. And believe me some people are so lazy that they have lost their human instinct. Now that is the correct word "INSTINCT".  After much time, you would also start to wonder about life and question your existence. When you finally think its

On Failure

Everyone is happy here, cause we won. We all enjoyed it very much. We succeeded on something. So what is it to be successful in Life? Does something has to certified for it to be claimed as success, and failure cause its uncertified or lets say certified failure. Hmm. Have you thought about it? Reason we feel successful and the reason we feel failure. But its not so easy cause what we think is dominated, most of the time, by what others think of it. So we call for majority to decide on our success. Ironically the majority wins, it is so called a Democratic View or Democratic ways.  Is majority always the correct? But I don't want to discuss on that, what I am interested is in the fear behind being unsuccessful in life. The fear that always hunts us when we feel we are going down in life. I say, let us not fear. So easy isn't it? But it takes a hell lot of courage to think in this way, Or you can also say you have to be stupid enough not to know the risk. Well, which ever way we

Something on Life

look at it. As I was playing with MSpaint, I made it just for fun. Then, somebody comes and tells me, wow, is it an abstract art. I go "Mmmmmm, I donno." But he doesnot stop there, he pulls down the chair and sits and stares at it. I think you have portrayed  a life . And I go LIFE!. How can it be life. Then he goes away leaving me confused. Then I stay confused and totally flattered in a way. "LIFE" I am thinking. But how? Then I draw the same in paper and try figuring it out. Life Huh. So I toss the paper, and see if I can see it. Nop not from this angle and I go and see from other angle. No no. I think I am getting something wrong. For about 15 minutes I stare at it like a zombie. Inside me there is this voice shouting "LIFE". If I can just see it. But no. I get frustated. I try coloring it and making it look as stupid and as abstract but I have no success. I go as far as I can. I burn it. I tear it. I flip it. I take it near to the mirror. It try to lo


Look at this picture very carefully. It was taken a year back when I was on my field trip to one of the hilly villages in Nepal (Richowk). I was there for a case study on Solar Power System.  I stood here in this particular spot for about some minutes and it totally changed my view on the concept of development. And mind you, I was there only for a minute but those minutes were too powerful for me.  Look at the river winding itself around the land and making its way. And if you look closely, you will see Nepal's national highway too, winding along with the river. Following the nature seems so vivid and strong here.  One may wonder why is the river winding itself and not going straight and same goes to the highway. WHY? Just why does it have to wind itself. Even nature seems helpless to its own structure. Even nature is finding difficulties in over-coming itself. But as the scientific reasoning goes, the river will ultimately take the short-cut and so will the roads. So are we waiti

Introducing Analytics

Let us jump right into the graph. What do you make out of it?  The graph has been taken by using the . lets see. Four different words has been compared with each other on the bases of how many times they were searched in the google.  Does these words( sony , hp, apple, dell) mean anything to you? Well its obvious that these are related with the four different big brand names. Well then, what can you infer from the graph? Straight away, you can say that the word sony has been searched more often then the the others, showing its relative popularity among the people. But watch out the result is related only to the United Kingdom region. May be in other region, its different. But is that it? Is that the only thing we can infer from the graph. Well lets think over it. Can't it have any relation to the share market values? Does the two different types of trends have some relationships with each other. Is it possible to infer the trend in share values by looking at the

Disclosure of the Blog

"The views are entirely our personal and they in no way represent the view of the company we am employed with." "The views are not targeted against any company, Institute or Person. If it happens to attack someone's interest, it can only be the coincidence." "Our views keep on changing with time and we consider it to be the consequence of having open mind." "All three points mentioned above are valid for the entire blog."