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Passion and Flying

There is an interesting aspect of flying which grasps everyone's imagination. The freedom and the control of moving around the space without any obstacle is just too much to ask for, in one man's life :). Isn't it? As a young kid like everyone, flying was a dream. Not to mention the great stories of Leonardo Da Vinci and the Wrights brothers, who not only dreamt but also went on designing one, would inspire you to believe that some day in future it would be possible to fly like a bird. So let me tell you a short story about myself where I took myself to some limit into achieving this. :) I have been wanting to tell this for a long time but never found any occasion or reason to do so. It was long ago when I was still in grade 3/4, should be around 1993. Space Channel was just installed in our house and I would spend time watching cartoons and other science programs. That was when I noticed gliders and parachutes. The shear simplicity of the design took me by surprise.

The Art of Story Telling

Hayao Miyazaki Here I am going to write about one director who have absolutely taken me by my heart and soul. His name is Hayao Miyazaki, a Japanese animator who have produced one of the most fascinating series of animations, but more properly I would tell he is one of the best story teller that I was seen. His animations are not just figures and shapes moving but a manifestation of a story which is larger than life. The first movie that I saw of his was "The Spirited Away". Before this I had watched other Japanese animations but they were more into actions and adventures. But this was completely different, I think I was lucky to have watched it. The story line of "The Spirited Away" was magnificent and out of the box. The experience it set was unquestionable. There was nothing in the movie which sounded cheap or pretentious. You could easily notice the thoughtfulness and the passion gone into making the movie. After that I started watching his more movies. Til

Simple Rule of Success

Simple Rule of Success. Passion. I won't argue and I won't justify. Its there for everyone to understand. You read hundreds of books, watch thousands of movies and read millions of blog, but the fact is not going to change. There was one old Archie's comic strip which I remember reading. When Archie asks Dilton, "How to pass an exam?" Dilton replies, "Just Study." And I think that was well put. But people are lazy by nature and are always looking for hacks in their lives and many people are ok with living their life that way. But if you are truly looking for success coming from within and unpretentious, then its passion. Look every genuine winners around and you will find that they had something unique to offer with their passion to gain in real terms and not in terms of hacks.