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Meaning of intellectual journey

What is the idea behind intellectual journey? One thing I am sure of is that its not about being able to quote Socrates or Aristotle. Neither it is about merging yourself into the ocean of books and understanding what others have to say about the world or life. Instead, I believe its the exact opposite. Its about stripping yourself from all the ornamental moral values and knowledge you have gathered for years and starting from scratch. It is a journey you take with a blank canvas and paint it with NOT your knowledge but with your experience. Its about being honest about yourself. History provides us with numerous examples where great thinkers have taken that path and emerged out with enlightened conscious mind. The goal of intellectual journey is not to find out truth but to get rid of all the lies that you have been holding on to.

The Novel - bexdeep

So some really long time ago. Around 6 years back when I was in my college I wrote this novel based on an interesting and life-changing trekking trip which me and my friends took. Those 15 days of trip was unforgettable and has remained among my friends as an EXPERIENCE. Now after many years, I think I can share this story which I shared only among few friends. The story is pure work of fiction but among friends it has some recognisable elements. The story is title THE NOVEL as at that time I really had no intent of sharing with anyone else. Further, I had promised my friends during the trip that I would write a novel on it and so the name THE NOVEL. Hope you will enjoy reading though it was written long back on a very rough english :). Here is one of the section of story: " From the middle of this dark canvas, a bright yellow light was beaming from the window of one of the hut. A dark figure was moving up and down. After a while, it slowly settled down and a slow whisp

Finding a way or a will !

It is almost like a poetry

I think it's the power one has when one picks up a camera, points and shoots, capturing the moment and the beauty surrounding it. Following are some of the shots taken during my casual stroll around the Bangalore's famous park - Lal Bagh .

What are your goals in 2013?

Its almost an end of January 2013, and I feel like I need to re look at my goals for the year. On my last year's post I had mentioned that new year is always important because it gives people a reason to look back and make new plans. Further, its also the only occasion where millions of people decide to make a change within themselves. It gives hope and new energy to start fresh. Hope in all its form is the last and the best medicine for many problems. I personally feel that 2013 is going to be a critical one and an important one. Its the year when all the dots are going to align themselves. And I can for real, check if last few years of my life made any sense. And check if all the dots indeed do connect. And for all, I hope to write more. Among many pending projects writing more is in one of the top priority and I should be pursuing it more. Besides this, there are few interesting things on the pipeline which is exciting. They should be pouring down in my blog soon..