Jun 22, 2010

Ten Graphic Design Paradoxes

In this age of information, graphic design has a very important role to play. It is the medium through which we perceive information. Hence, we find many materials regarding design and design thinking scattered around in the internet. I must say, design is one of the top topic which is always discussed in social networking sites like Twitter. And I myself, follow those discussions ardently.

Artwork by Tea Design

There is one site called designobserver where many designers express their thoughts on the design philosophy.  

Adrian Shaughnessy is a graphic designer and writer based in London. In 1989 he co-founded the design company Intro. He has written this wonderful paradoxes about Graphic Design that people usually relate with.

I will list the 10 points here, for full read click here.

01: There’s no such thing as bad clients: only bad designers.
02: The best way to learn how to become a better graphic designer is to become a client.
03: If we want to educate our clients about design, we must first educate ourselves about our clients.
04: If we want to make money as a graphic designer, we must concentrate on the work — not the money.
05: For designers, verbal skills are as important as visual skills.
06: Ideas usually fail not because they're bad ideas, but because they're badly presented.
07: “I’m a professional: I know best
08: “All the good jobs go to other designers.”
09: The best way to run a studio is to be domineering and forceful.
10: If we believe in nothing, we shouldn’t wonder why no one believes in us

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