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Fearful Consumer Market

Consumer market is something, I always feared. During my engineering days, I knew it was one area where I would not find myself working. I always feared the harsh competition of the market. I worried if ever, anything I made would sustain in the market. Or how people would react to it? You can say, I feared criticism and all the yap yap of group of people, who knows only how to suggest but not to act. Thus, I kept my interest into custom projects and not related to anything that a single consumer would use, rather it was something of community service. But with changing time, I knew I had to make a plunge into the ocean of consumer market and face the competition. "Be a man! Dude" That is what I would say to myself. I knew I couldn't swim, but I had to give it a try. 

Journey into the consumer market is like that of 20000 Leagues Under The Sea. There are so many different kinds of creatures around to look and be fascinated. Some are small living in tiny groups. Some are sharp predators chasing and making a hunt, they would kill you if they want, it depends on how much threat you pose to them - or how hungry they are. There are herbs and many different kinds of plants that grow organically and animals feed on them. These are harmless and friendly. And there are giants like whale which no one can touch or poke around, they have been living there for ages and will remain their more. These giants neither rule nor control anything, they are just their, making their presence- completing an ecosystem. Then there are some freaky looking creatures -like squid (which can be as large as ships)- which makes you puke, but yes they are there too. You can't ignore them. They stare right into your eyes as if they can read your mind. These creatures act like parasite and feed on dead, sometime they eat their own kind too. 

Then there are mythological creatures which exist if you want them too. Everyone fears them but we know they only exist in our mind. Well, the last kind is the most fearless of all, its sharks, its strong, powerful, agile and quick on instinct. They virtually rule the sea. There are more of it but they rarely interfere with each other, but when they do, its a fight the whole world watches in amazement. But, its not always this way, there are among these predators and giants, an intelligent being, an innovative and highly creative creatures which are changing the way of life at sea. These are the being which marks a change and the change that is truly for good. 

So far, I have only reached till here. My journey is beginning to take shape and form a story. Slowly I can see a transformation in me, and the transformation is subtle. I wonder which creature I would transform into. Its a long journey but a beautiful one. There is a difference in growing in a depth of ocean and growing inside a protective glass. 

I can only sing a song by Beatles:

I'd like to be under the sea 
In an octopus' garden in the shade 
He'd let us in, knows where we've been 
In his octopus' garden in the shade 

I'd ask my friends to come and see 
An octopus' garden with me 
I'd like to be under the sea 
In an octopus' garden in the shade. 


  1. Great post dude. Loved it. I am happy you wrote this today; had similar feelings 2 years back but that didn't turn to form an article.

    I am sure you are gonna make something really big, which the world remembers for many generations. All the best for your journey ahead.


  2. Thanks, dai. Lets see where the road leads. We all are on the same track now. :)

  3. i agree with bhupen da!!
    one more blogger blooming ..


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