Nov 9, 2011

Hidden Desire of a Monk

With his closed eyes,
and calm composure,
there he is disillusioned by his own conscience.

The state of enlightenment,
which he pretends to have,
is haunted by his own existence.

Like a glowing candle,
he is caught in a conflict of
spreading a light and a desire to exist.

Like a shapeless form and an unheard sound,
he is trapped in his own reasoning.

Though he pretends to be a hermit,
underneath lies his hidden desire to exist.

[Image Credits : Abdul Portrait and Going to Atlanta]


  1. Yikes, that monk resembles you a lot somehow! Seriously!

  2. @limshaku.. nope thats not me.. but it looks remarkably like me re..

  3. i love this poem so much. reading it once every day :D

  4. :) Well I will tell you the meaning of the poem. Off course you might have already figured out though. Its a dilemma actually.

    Candle whose goal is to lightened the space is always in conflict because it is sacrificing itself for others. The desire to continue lighting the room and also existing infinitely is something of a paradox. So a Monk, who pretends to enlighten the world also struggles to exist forever as long as possible. So I see similar paradox.

    TO realize that you exist is a contradictory statement to being enlightened because, being enlightened means to find yourself in the wholesomeness of the universe and losing ones identity. I am still figuring out this portion, may be that is why Monks tend to vanish in the air, just like that, as a signal that it didn't die, it simply ceased to exist into the wholeness. :) Hope you got it.

    "Like a shapeless form and an unheard sound,
    he is trapped in his own reasoning."

    This one is bit tricky, cause I was just playing with the words to say how we are trapped by own reasoning and logic. Like shapeless form and unheard sound, which is logically non-existence.

  5. Good explanation there, I almost thought it was you. :P


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