Jan 7, 2011

Black Hole of Normality

Black Hole!! A very mysterious element of our universe. Science has it, that it engulfs every existence of mass around it and takes them to singularity. Apparently, singularity is a point in a space where every physical law collapses.

But here, I will not delve over the singularity of black hole. Instead I will point you towards the interesting phenomenon of human behavior. Its the black hole of normality. Its a place where every human being is pulled to become normal and insignificant. Its a space where most human being delve into and gets lost into the rules of normality and only few can struggle to come out of it.

source : google.com
You may be getting my point. If not let me elaborate. Every human being is given an opportunity to do something different and great. I think everyone has that right and opportunity in their life time to act.

But some how the black hole of normality pulls them into it to succumb. And yes, I mean to literally succumb. Its a poor dilemma of human beings but I think only few can break it. The pull of normality is so strong its unavoidable. But I have no offense to it. I think moving towards the normality is the nature of human beings and only few have enough strength to go against it. But few who go against it in a right way or wrong way are always glorified by the society. There are many examples in the history about it.

Just like many laws, the fundamental principle is that every thing wants to spiral down to stability. Chemical reaction happens because the final state of the reaction is more stable than that of initial. Similarly look at many principles of physics, starting with motion of inertia - every mass wants to be in a state that they are until and unless an external force is being applied on them.

Similarly the black hole of normality acts on a similar way at human being. Every human beings are attracted by this law to be normal. For years in my work and life, I have experienced people delving into normality easily. And it takes a lot of vision to pull them back to move forward boldly. But ultimately, many human beings fail to resist the stability of normality.

I don't know how much sense I am making to you. But you are getting my point then I am more than pleased. Resisting stability is very difficult for many reasons. Political, economical, personal and many others. But I just want to urge that if you want to reach to greatness in any terms or in any philosophical way, you need to identify this black hole of normality before it engulfs you by surprise. Moreover, make sure that you are not already inside the belly of black hole. If you are then you have every opportunity to come out of it, just don'r surrender.


  1. Do you believe in Normal Distribution? I don't have any information about its validity in the Astronomical units, but its the only way to identify or trace the path in electron unit. So, I assume, it will retain its validity in higher scales as well.

    Next, stability don't come easy. It is an expense of energy. And well, stability, like satisfaction and curiosity, is not finite nor can be measured.

    What about fate, obligation, need, frustration, etc? After all, its a space-time curvature, it has mountains and valleys....What if you can never climb..

  2. Thanks for your interesting perspective over the Normality of Blackhole. My knowledge about the Normal Distribution is very vague. As far as I know, Normal distribution is the approximated method of realizing random distribution of variables in nature.

    So believing the Normal Distribution would be in a way admitting that things around us move without any reason but in a random way. And somehow it manifests itself into normal distribution. I think ND has its limitations.

    Its interesting what you asked about the fact that if you could never climb the valley and I think all the other variables that you mentioned like fate, obligation, need and frustration could drag you down to the normality. But ignoring these I would want to belief for sake of it that, we should try climbing otherwise we will never know the possibility and it entirely depends upon your inherent characteristics.

  3. Quite interesting thought.... I guess I'm also pulling into normality as everyone has it's own strength to withstand the pull of normality and push of ecosystem around you like responsibility and others.

  4. @Rajesh.. tx for the comment.. ya surely.. we all do.. i think its life :)


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