Oct 5, 2011

The Hero

Learning to fight and trying to live for your own sake,

in this crazy world, finding inspiration is hard.

But in the midst of many heros and characters,

Steve genuienly stood as the ONE for me.

More than anything, it was his perspective and understanding of the world,

which I have come to respect over time.

I believe inspiration never dies,

it lives on.

RIP Steve.

(Image Credit : http://www.apple.com/ t_hero)


  1. i knew you would blog about it. you had to! i am sorry he died and the only reason i am sorry (because let's face it, i am not that INTO it) is because i knew you would be sorry.

  2. I am writing this on my MacBook Pro that I love! its changed the way I view technology! I am nodding in agreement with you here!


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