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Great Expectation

" Mirror O Mirror, 
Look at me and tell my future.
What is it that I have to be,
or to be or not to be."

Strangely, its this particular question that boggs me a lot. To be or not to be. I don't know what it means nor do I know if it means any thing. Do I have to be something or nothing? 

Since everyone's childhood society keeps checking on your progress. They look at your each move and warns you of so called DANGER. They tell you what to do and what not to do. Do you know why? Because since the begining of the human race, individualism has been nothing but a danger to the society. History justifies that. Know why? Donno myself but it seems its the nature of the society and nothing else. 

Society needs balance in their thoughts. It needs to feel secure of it-self cause human race needs to exist and survive the time. It needs to exist forever. Isn't that the whole reason for our growth? We need to exist. But what if one individual rises to question the whole existance? Well its a threat to the human race. Cause that will make human race insecure, that is why society checks people to see that they don't digress from the rudimentry thought be it wrong or right.

When you are young and just learning to walk the path and feeling free to think on your own, society confuses your mind by asking you one very particular question. "So..., what do you want to be in your future?" Looks like a plain and mundane question. But No. Its this particular question that suddenly breaks the freedom in your thought process and forces you to think about your future. "Hmm, what do I want to be?" 

You start to look everywhere to see what is it that you want to be. Some are forced, some simply fall under the trap, some stay confused and some stay strong and fearless. And it is this person who  rejects the whole society's values and norms and become a threat. Do you want examples of it? I don't think I have to give any, its so obvious. But thats not the end, in climax, he wins. But the victory comes at a price, a dreadful price and a painful one. But finally society learns to think his way, the way which is suppose to be the truth. But this too doesn't last, cause the new HE rises again. It can also be SHE. So the process continues to infinity bringing unexpected changes in the society. But the challenge always remains. 

May be it is this challege that one has to face everytime. Some takes the challenge while some submits itself to it. This challenge is the core cause of revolution. The new begining but with a definite end. 

But am I wrong? Does every new thought has an end? Can we think of a way to bring this whole oscillation to an end? But will that bring anything? Think again. May be it is THE CHALLENGE that is a trap.  My whole reason is to make everyone think one their own and come to their own conclusion and not to follow unlesss you yourself come to a similair conclusion. 

But one thing is sure, the society keeps expecting from each individual. Everyone is expected to do something, cause we all are one living organisms fighting to exist, be it a right way or a wrong way. 


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