Dec 8, 2008

Opening a Dictionary....

Reading a novel or any article, sometime you stumble upon a word that you don't know. Soon the sentences doesn't make any sense, so you ponder upon the meanings of words. Reluctantly and lazily, you open a huge dictionary, though very uncommon now a days, and start searching for the word. Time passes by but you are still stuck with your dictionary. You are already learning many words but not the one you were searching for.

What is this phenomenon? The phenomenon of getting lost into your own world. But some people are so focused that they find what they are searching for and soon return to their work. But some, like me, get lost and starts stumbling upon more unknown words. The mystery engulfs the mind and soon you are lost. But, yes ultimately you do find the word you are searching for and then return back to your work.

I find life so similar to opening a dictionary. You are confused and lost and try to find the meaning by opening your horizon and soon get lost into millions of issues. You stand there looking at each of it and pondering. You take your time and roll your views and thoughts here and there, questioning each reasoning before finally finding what you came to find for, and returning with more than what you asked for. Life is that way, I think.

Getting lost. Just like opening a Dictionary..... I don't know what I was searching for before I started writing this post. may be I must return to what I was searching for.


  1. For me its wikipedia.

    I'm researching for an article, and i get on wikipedia, and a couple of lines below, i encounter something interesting.

    So i middle click the link (which opens up a new tab in Chrome (and FF)) and in about 10 minutes I will have about 15 new Chrome tabs opened.

    Takes me about an hour to go through them and finally return to the original wiki entry.


  2. Hmm, isn't some where life the similar. Especially for a guy like me, you stumble upon one idea and get lost forgetting wht you initially thought of.

  3. I think I should have used google as a more contemporary example.


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