Dec 1, 2008

Social Theory in Online Community

Add as a friend, Join the group, Please Donate, Join a cause, Find a Date. Yes, all the things that you can do in the online social network. How interesting and imaginative! 

But, do you think all the classical social theories apply to the online community. I mean does the human behaviour change in the Virtual World or is it the same any way? There are chances that the Virtual Worlds may see a human behaviour that is not seen in the real world. That might be strange. I mean, how can it vary. But the chances are that they will. This can be due to the new possibilities and the moral issues that bind us in the online network.

The geographical barriers are breaking and a new kind of community is taking shape in the clouds and in the electrical database. 

I have only one question. Is this the MATRIX? Do you think that someday, we will be so into the virtual worlds that we will forget that the real world exists and that we may need some kind of saviour to make ourselves conscious of it. Think about it.


  1. Online communities need regular maintenance activities such as moderation and data input, tasks that typically fall to community owners. Allowing all members to perform maintenance might make communities more robust and valuable.

  2. Can binding with rules and regulations to these online community really work. I mean with so much of randomness and complete chaos in the internet where each individuals have a complete control. Can society like the kind in the real world be able to exist in cyber? I have some reservation on it.

  3. Very deep thoughts, these.

    Here's one example of how online communities are different from RL communities.

    I wouldn't be commenting in your diary if it was in front of me:)

    But because both of us (or in this case 4) are online, even though strangers, the risk of physical harm is eliminated and all that can be done is exchange of ideas, which is exactly what we're doing.

    Bon apetit!

  4. :). I was also thinking that in online society, you are more carefree and don't feel any responsibilities towards other. This I think is the major difference.

    Like: I could simply ignore frns and only chat as I wish. now isn't that rude. But its the online world and no one expect anything beside a little chat.a

  5. Introducing the concept of Matrix definitely makes this topic hot. Matrix concept is simply great and far-reaching.

  6. Ya it is. By the way, the comic version of Matrix is more deeper than the Hollywood one.


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