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Modeling Organisational Behaviour

How often have you been able to predict your friend's behaviour. Hmm. Many times, isn't it? That is because, you have been spending years and years of time with your friend, so you know how your friend is going to react to a situation, unless the situation is something that is very very new. But, there are certain situations when, you get amazed by your friends behaviour and say "Ohh, I didn't know you thought that way?" 

So, again, is it possible to predict the behaviour of Organisation. Very roughly, yes. This is what a social scientist try exploring and it requires a very high analytical observation. Also, you need to analyse the historical data for better understanding of the organisation. The possibility of predicting an organisation and an individual is somehow different.

Organisation is a group of people connected with certain norms and values. The existence of the organisation is important for the sake of its goal and philosophy. Organisation put its goal in first priority, that is for what it exist. Therefore, many often we hear of sacrifices in a group for the sake of existence of the group. That might sound odd but it is the core fundamentals of being in a group. It is the in born social structure that cannot be broken. 

So, with these basic understanding of how a group works and proceeds with its goal, is important to be analysed. There will be lots of data and historical events that is of significance to understanding the nature of the organisation. 

With careful analysis and better approximation, I feel it is possible to predict the act of an organisation. Some of the field that could benefit from it is:

1. Modeling the Consumer of Market
2. Modeling the pack of certain Animal Species
3. Modeling the behaviour of Criminals
4. Modeling the behaviour of band of gangs, may be a Terrorist Group and so on.

In this way, it is a field which can be of tremendous helpful in understanding the organisation and learn the ways to optimise it. 


  1. Are there any models available in the academic/industrial world to analyze this organizational behaviour??


  2. Yes, there are. I mean, in case of Animal Species's migration habit are predicted by tracking there location and predicting. Also in case of human behavior, as I have mentioned, there have been lots of research going on. please check out the following link:


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